What To Expect When Installing An AC System

What To Expect When Installing An AC System
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    When you want your home to stay cool on hot summer days, it's always nice to have a state-of-the-art air conditioning system that keeps you and everyone else comfortable.

    If you're considering having an AC system installed, it's important that you know all that goes into a proper installation process.


Ideally, you’ll have a professional there to install the AC system. That way everything is installed correctly and will prevent problems in the future.

To make sure there are no surprises along the way, here’s what you can expect when installing an AC system.

The Home Visit

When you hire a contractor to install your AC system, the first thing that will take place is them paying a visit to your home.

During this visit, the contractor will examine your home’s design, which will let them determine the best places to install ductwork, vents, registers, and the condenser unit.

By measuring the total floor space in your home, the contractor can work with you to determine the proper size of the AC system to meet your needs.

Additionally, the ceiling fans and window locations could affect where everything is.

If the layout of the home is not properly documented, then there is a possibility that a vent for a bedroom mistakenly gets placed in the closet. This makes the home visit incredibly important.

To prepare your home for the visit, make sure that you have furniture where you plan on keeping it.

Out with the Old

If you have an existing AC system at your home, the contractor will need to remove your old system before installing the new one. This means getting rid of the condenser unit, evaporator, and air ducts.

Working with professional contractors such as those from Trane South can ensure that it will go as smoothly as possible. The process for the technicians to remove may take some time, and may also be a bit noisy, especially when air ducts are being removed.

When the process of removing the old system is complete, the area will be cleaned and then the system installation can begin.

AC Installation

When the AC system itself is being installed, it begins with the unit being properly secured to the ground. Next, the indoor cabinet is installed, followed by electrical wires and refrigerant tubing.

HVAC tool kitHVAC filters

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Next, air ducts are cut to size and installed in your home. Once this is done, air vents and registers are placed in their spots.

After all of the pieces are in place and properly secured, the contractor will clean the system and plug it in for testing to ensure it works properly.

Testing and Education

Before the AC technicians leave your home, they will of course test the AC system to make sure it is working properly. This involves checking both the indoor and outdoor units, as well as checking the indoor temperature with the temperature setting on your system’s thermostat.

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As the last step, the technician will explain how the system works, walk you through the steps, and answer any questions you may have about service or other aspects of the AC system.

The entire process typically takes a full day to complete, though a multi-person team may speed up the process.

Whether your current AC system has worn out or you have simply gotten tired of sweating while sitting in your home during the summer, getting a new AC system in place will provide instant comfort to you and your family.

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