7 Most Common Mistakes Homeowners Make While Renovating

7 Most Common Mistakes Homeowners Make While Renovating
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It takes a significant amount of renovating to get there, which requires a lot of time and effort on your part. But, before you get started, here’s a list of 7 common mistakes that new homeowners make so that you can actively avoid them to make renovating a more enjoyable experience.

Starting off with renovations too soon

A lot of new homeowners are too excited about the prospect of renovating their home into one of their dreams that they get started off with the process a little too soon. Property developers are of the opinion that you need to get a feel of the space first.

This means that you need to live in the newly bought place first for a couple of months. Living in the space will help you identify the key areas that need to be addressed first.

It’s only natural that you have a ton of ideas for your new home, but not all of those ideas might seem practical and enforceable after you’ve spent some time in the place.

So, this crucial step can help you get your priorities right and thus save time when you get to the actual planning.

Not hiring a professional from the start

You might have impeccable taste or prior experience in construction, but renovating a house is a huge undertaking.

It not only requires the technical know-how but also the ability to lead a team of workers and the necessary contacts to procure the best raw materials

So, in a bid to cut a few corners, you might potentially end up spending more in reconstruction and rectifying the mistakes you’d have inevitably made.

Hiring the wrong professional

Most homeowners end up picking the first professional they see or worse go for the cheapest quote. Always ask for references and try talking to a homeowner that they previously worked with.

This will help you get an idea of the quality of their work, and hence pick the right professional for you. A contractor might have an impressive repertoire and come with glowing reviews, but all of that is of no use if they don’t understand your vision.

So, make sure that both of you are on the right page regarding the work that needs to be done before hiring them.

Underestimating costs

You might think that you’ve accounted for everything in your air-tight budget, but there are always extra costs that you might not have anticipated. For instance, the artwork that you bought to decorate the living room can turn out to be more expensive than you originally thought or the cost of raw materials can shoot up in the weeks after you’ve drafted the budget.

So, the rule of thumb is to have a buffer of 20% of the total budget to cover any additional expenditure.

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Not getting the permits sorted out before starting work

You’ve hired the right professional and got your finances sorted, but there’s still something else that needs to be considered. Permits are extremely important when it comes to renovation and getting one takes a considerable amount of time.

So, apply for one right away since an inspection team will need to come in to review your plans and ensure that the required safety standards are being met. If you decide to go ahead without a valid permit, you can be stopped by the authorities anytime, which will incur additional expenses in the form of fines.

Renovating without a permit can have long-standing implications as well. It might make it harder for a bank to approve your application for a home loan or for an insurance agency to cover costs in case of an eventuality. Moreover, it can end up having an impact on the resale value of your property.

Hovering around the topic of homeowner’s insurance, it’s definitely an investment worth mulling over. It protects your precious property against natural disasters like fire, lightning, windstorms,  and hail.

In addition to those benefits, a homeowners insurance also entitles you to liability coverage which protects you against any sort of bodily damage or property damage caused by an accident on your part while being at home or anywhere else.

Working on too many rooms at once

It might be tempting to work on all rooms at once to get your newly bought property closer to one of your dreams. But, that might not be the wisest decision since it can end up leaving you unsatisfied with the results. Instead, focus all your attention on getting one room done first, ideally the living room first since it’s likely going to be the place where you end up spending most of your time.

Making too many changes along the way

It’s fairly common for homeowners to make changes as their visions start to take shape. But, making too many changes can lead to a lot of unnecessary confusion and frustration in the minds of the contractor.

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What you might deem to be a tiny change can actually end up taking a lot of work and time. It becomes harder for your contractor to deliver the project within the stipulated time when you insist on making more changes.

With regard to deadlines, try not to have a strict one in mind. The workers might end up compromising their quality of work just to get the project done in time. Moreover, there are always going to be obstacles on the way and things rarely go according to plan on a construction site.


So, that was a list of the 7 most common mistakes that new homeowners end up making while renovating. Remember that renovating is a marathon and not a sprint. You will most definitely end up encountering roadblocks, but they can be efficiently managed provided you have a detailed plan and a dedicated contractor that understands your needs and demands.

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