Sunday Morning Tip for Nov 28: Plumbing Smells: 4 Ways To Get Rid Of Foul Odor In Your Bathroom

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for Nov 28:</span> Plumbing Smells: 4 Ways To Get Rid Of Foul Odor In Your Bathroom
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    Many homeowners probably experienced having unpleasant smells in their bathrooms.

    This is understandable at some point, considering how the drain and sinks receive so much wastewater produced from taking showers, brushing the teeth, washing hands, and many other bathroom activities.


There could be bacteria building up in pipes, drains, sinks, and other areas in your bathroom.

Many factors need to be addressed, especially if you don’t know where the foul odor comes from. It could be the plumbing fixtures, the trash bin, poor ventilation, and so on. It’s imperative to inspect your bathroom and see where the root cause is, so you can adequately address the issue.

You can click here to understand more of where these foul smells possibly come from.

Your bathroom should be a relaxing haven in your home, so take the time to implement these tips to get rid of that stink:

1. Clean Biofilm Buildup

Drains are the ultimate places for biofilm buildups. If you’re having a foul odor in your bathroom and you’ve made efforts in eliminating them but nothing is working, it could be that the drain is the main culprit.

You can remove the filter or stopper and check whether there’s some stuck gunk on it. You can perform this in both floor drains and sink drains of your bathroom.

Having said that, it’s just a matter of thoroughly cleaning out your sink, including the drain and pipes. The foul odor is caused by bacterial buildup, so you have to remove it.

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There are robust cleaning solutions that can aid you with your sink clean-up. Many solutions are specifically intended to remove gunk on your floor and sink drains.

Following your use of the cleaner, it’s wise to let the hot water pour into the passage and drain for some time. Doing so can further degrade bacteria and reduce their numbers.

2. Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Fresh

Several issues can cause the problem of drain odors, but most of them are relatively simple to resolve. However, in the event that you encounter any drainage problems that you can’t resolve, it’s best to leave the task to professional plumbers.

For the time being, there are a few simple things you can do to eliminate the bad smell and have cleaner air in your bathroom:

  • Sanitize The Sink Regularly

    It’s a good idea to scrub the sink surfaces regularly to get rid of bacterial buildup. You can use bleach, detergent, and some other bathroom cleaning solutions to sanitize your wall-mounted bath sink instantly.

    Keep dirt and grime away from surfaces to prevent smells from building up.

  • Hang The Towels And Mats Properly

    Sometimes, a foul smell is caused by wet towels or mats that don’t have enough air or ventilation to get dried up. When left in the bathroom with no ventilation, they can grow mildew and develop bacteria, pertaining to danger in your hygiene and health.

    Hanging them correctly will prevent this. It’s also worth mentioning to replace your towels regularly to prevent any foul odor early.

  • Use Scented Trash Bags

    Sometimes, the culprit is your bathroom’s trash bin that might have accumulated so many kinds of trashes. It’s worth an investment to buy scented trash bags instead. You’ll avoid that nasty foul whiff every time you open the bin to dispose of something.

3. Check And Fix Your Ventilation

Another possible scenario that might trigger foul smells is if you have a problem with improper ventilation, which allows sewer gases to enter your home through the drain and get trapped.

Eventually, this calls for an expert to handle and solve the issue. It’s best to hire a plumber to check your bathroom ventilation. Perhaps, the exhaust isn’t correctly working, or other causes need to be resolved.

4. Use Home Remedies

Periodically sprinkling baking soda down the drain is an effective way to sort out foul smells building up in the bathroom. Baking soda is a household must-have item since it serves multiple purposes and benefits.

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Maintaining odor-free drains is also possible using this method. Baking soda is capable of absorbing all the smells and dissipating them thinly. Make it a habit to sprinkle some baking soda at least once a week to achieve great results.

Another home remedy you can use is vinegar. Known for its anti-bacterial properties, vinegar is also effective in battling against foul smells. Keep drains clean by pouring hot vinegar down them.

However, one significant thing you need to avoid is mixing vinegar with bleach, as this can be potentially dangerous for your health and home.


With the tips mentioned in this article, you can get rid of your bathroom odor in no time. However, if more complex causes trigger the foul smell, it’s always best to hire professional experts to look and assess where the odor is coming from.

Plumbers are equipped with special tools to clean your drains efficiently. This will prevent minor issues from becoming major ones later on.

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