Practical Tips for Cooling an Apartment without AC

Practical Tips for Cooling an Apartment without AC
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    It's no secret that keeping houses comfortably cool throughout the summer months can cost an arm and a leg.

    The larger the house, the larger the summer utility bills.


This is due in no small part to many homeowners cranking their AC around the clock. However, while many homes have dependable central air conditioning, many apartments do not.

While this can be a boon to utility costs, it can also make it difficult for apartment residents to cool their abodes throughout the swelteringly hot summer months. Fortunately, turning an apartment into a refreshing summertime oasis needn’t prove difficult nor time-consuming.

If a consistently cool apartment is what you’re after, the following tips are sure to help.

Put Ceiling Fans to Good Use

Ceiling fans can be an absolute boon to your apartment cooling efforts. In addition to circulating cool air throughout the residence, ceiling fans can be used to produce downward-flowing cool breezes. Simply adjust their blades to rotate counterclockwise if you wish to take advantage of this convenient feature.

Furthermore, dependable ceiling fans are available in a wide variety of sizes. For instance, if your apartment is on the smaller side and doesn’t have a great deal of ceiling space, a good flush mount ceiling fan should be right up your alley.

So, if the ceiling fans in your apartment have seen better days, there’s no time like the present to start shopping around for new ones.

Alternatively, if replacing fans is a responsibility that lies with your landlord, don’t hesitate to alert them if your current fans aren’t up to snuff.  

Ceiling fans can prove particularly useful during the overnight hours. If the summertime temps in your area tend to drop overnight, consider opening your windows once the sun sets and allowing your fans to distribute the naturally cool air throughout your entire apartment.

Actively Limit Sunlight

Although the sun can be a great source of natural lighting, sunlight can also increase indoor temps throughout the summer. So, if your apartment is located in a spot that receives a fair amount of sunlight, it’s in your best interest to actively limit the amount of sun that’s able to find its way into your residence.

Fortunately, this is a reasonably simple undertaking. For starters, make a point of keeping your curtains and/or blinds closed during the sun’s peak hours.

Secondly, consider replacing your current window dressings with thermal curtains. These curtains, which are composed of thick thermal materials, are designed to keep interior sunlight to a bare minimum.

smart ceiling fansceiling fans

      some ceiling fan ideas to consider      

Thermal curtains can also help seal in cool air and prevent warm air from entering your apartment. Additionally, blackout screens are a slightly cheaper alternative to the aforementioned curtains.

However, they generally aren’t as long-lasting or resilient as thermal curtains, so if you’re looking for a better long-term investment, curtains are the way to go.    

Use Your Oven Sparingly

Using your oven stands to increase the temperature inside your apartment, particularly during the swelteringly hot summer months. In fact, the smaller your pad, the more likely you are to feel the effects of oven use throughout the summer. That being the case, it’s generally a good idea to use your oven sparingly, if at all, during this time of year.


If cooking is among your favorite hobbies, limiting oven use is likely to seem like a tall order. However, rather than view this as a bad thing, you should regard it as an opportunity to try new things on the culinary front.

For example, not being able to use your oven is the perfect excuse to experiment with delicious oven-free recipes. Furthermore, if your apartment complex allows outdoor grilling, you may also want to consider becoming better acquainted with barbecuing this summer. If you absolutely can’t live without an oven, take care to limit your oven use to the nighttime hours.  

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If you live in an apartment that lacks air conditioning, getting through the summer months can be an arduous undertaking – particularly if you hail from a warmer part of the country.

While some of us regularly bemoan the lack of space that most apartments feature in comparison to houses, the compact nature of apartments can actually be a plus during the summer. Apartment residents looking to stay cool in their pads all summer long can benefit from the measures discussed above.   

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