Pros And Cons Of The Varying Types Of AC Systems For Home And Business

Pros And Cons Of The Varying Types Of AC Systems For Home And Business
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    There are a few kinds of air conditioning systems appropriate for your home and business establishment.

    It's essential to get to know them because the knowledge will help you make the right choice for your space.


There are factors you should consider when choosing an AC system. Here are some of them:

1. Central Air Conditioning Systems

As the name pertains, this AC system depends on a central system where the air is cooled. It then distributes the cooled air to different home parts by a single or set of fans throughout the ducts.

It’s the most in-demand among modern HVAC systems for business essentials and home usage because of its ability to conserve energy. They’re both for the cooling and heating of various locations.

The air conditioner compressor presses refrigerant gas that distributes heat away from the house and is replaced by cool air.  

  •  Pros

    Central AC systems are easy to operate because they have a single panel to set the temperature. They’re also quieter than other systems.

    And because the control is outside the home, it doesn’t occupy much space in the house.  

  • Cons

    The central air conditioner’s temperature control ability is limited, so rooms in the house may end up in cold or hot spots.

    While you can try adding more thermostatic controls to distribute the temperature, it doesn’t always work the way you want them.

2. Ductless Mini Split Systems

The ductless AC is a two-component system wherein the compact blower is installed inside the home while the condenser unit is installed. Typically, they can be mounted in your room and work the same way as the central AC units.

This mini-AC can absorb heat and produce cool air.  

  • Pros

    The ductless systems are faster and easier to install, and you can add some units to a newer home. They can have individual control systems in each room. The unit is also more efficient because the air is pumped directly into the room instead of going around in ducts. 

  • Cons

    If you’re into aesthetics, ductless AC’s won’t give you that option. It takes time to heat or cool rooms, so doors and windows must be closed while they do their job.

    They’ll also require professional maintenance by a licensed HVAC technician. You won’t want to work on it yourself as you need to clean the filter and change the hose regularly.

portable air conditionerpersonal AC

      some personal AC ideas to consider      

3. Evaporative Cooling Systems 

Also known as swamp coolers in the past, they’re made to use water to produce cool air through the natural process of evaporation. Evaporative cooling is eco-friendly, and the system uses this process more efficiently because it lessens the air humidity before cooling.

The evaporative cooler is a device resembling a box with a blower fan inside and a sponge filter up to 12 inches thick. It holds up water as the blower fan uses the air it generates from the outside and into the home or building.

  • Pros

    Evaporative cooling systems are ideal for the environment because it’s not using refrigerants. Unlike other AC units, they use lesser energy and they don’t need air ducts as evaporative coolers use water and directly deliver the air to the household.

    Repairs are easy to do and procurement of parts isn’t as sturdy. They have smaller units for easy and quick installation.

  • Cons

    This type of AC isn’t suitable for humid locations because it just adds more humidity. It also requires monthly maintenance on its moisture pad and overall condition once you install it on the roof.

    The moisture buildup alone can break it down and cause corrosion. It’s better to call a technician if you want it in its best condition.


4. Traditional Split Air Conditioner

The split air conditioner consists of two parts: the indoor and the outdoor unit installed inside the room or near the wall you want to receive air. It has components including the compressor, capillary tubing, and condenser coil.

This air conditioner is perfect for both home and business establishments.

  • Pros

    This AC is quieter because it’s a split component where the part connects to the fan and compressor outside. You can use a multi-split system to allow multiple installations for the rooms. Lastly, the AC type is efficient, and it can conserve electricity.   

  • Cons

    The components making the noise generate it outside, so it can be awkward to some people. They also need to be installed within 30 meters away from each other, which is unsuitable if the structure is a tall building.

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Installation is also not easy because you can only call for the help of a licensed technician. You also have factors to consider when hiring the right technician to work on your HVAC. Before you do, it’s best to read about guides on what to look for in an HVAC repair expert.


You can have some of these air conditioners installed since the way they’re designed is suitable for your home or your business. Consider the advantages and disadvantages mentioned here as you look for a suitable unit for you.


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