5 Plumbing Issues to Check Before You Buy a Home

5 Plumbing Issues to Check Before You Buy a Home
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    Purchasing a home is usually a huge investment.

    As such, it can be devastating to come across certain costly plumbing issues when you've closed the deal and moved into the new house.


If you’ve been planning on purchasing a home this year, you should therefore take the right measures to ensure the plumbing is in the right condition.

This article contains the top five plumbing issues you need to look out for before purchasing a home anywhere.

Faulty or old hot water system

The last thing you want is to get into a house that doesn’t have a good supply of hot water. Although a standard hot water system can last for about 10 years, your hot water system can malfunction a few weeks or months after you move in because it’s already old.

Ideally, you should target a newer unit to avoid any problems as older water heaters usually develop issues more than the newer ones. It’s also quite expensive to replace a water heater as a standard unit can cost as high as $2,000.

To determine your heater’s age, you can check for a label on the side of the heater, which includes the installation date.

On top of that, check for any physical damages and other issues on the unit, which include corrosion, lack of hot water, and dampness. Lastly, take note of its location.

Is the internal hot water heater likely to cause any damage to the house, such as a nearby carpet or hardwood floor, if it were to leak? Make sure it’s safely located.

Leaky or damaged toilets

You also need to make sure the toilets are functioning properly before closing the deal. One of the most common toilet issues you need to look out for is leaks, which are usually caused by poor draining. Toilets generally leak either from the tank or from the bottom of the toilet.

To determine whether your toilet is in the right condition, check for any damage around the toilet. Any discoloration in the surrounding area is a bad sign.

Moreover, if the bowl wiggles even a little when you apply some pressure on it, or the floor feels soft somehow, you need to let the owner know.

Backflow in the sinks, toilets, and shower drains

If your pipes are clogged, you may notice the water coming up through the toilet, sink or shower drains – even when these parts are not in use. Backflow is one of the most serious issues in any home, and that’s why you need to cross it off your list before purchasing any house.

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If the house you’re targeting has a backflow problem, the seller should be able to have it corrected with the right backflow parts, such as a backflow preventer, to prevent the issue from arising again in the future.

Broken water supply pipes

Over the years, water supply pipes have been evolving from steel to plastic. Some houses still have steep pipes, which often need to be replaced due to corrosion. You, therefore, need to check your pipes.

If the pipes have started corroding, or are broken in any way, then the property’s owner should have them replaced before you purchase the house. On top of that, they need to replace all pipes made of polybutylene, lead or cast iron as well as PVC pipes as they’re not approved for use inside a house.


Strange noises in the plumbing system

As you inspect the houses, make sure you pay attention to any strange gurgling sounds as you test out the water faucets and other plumbing fixtures. If you hear such sounds, then that could a sign of a problem, such as a blockage in the drains or vent system, that’s preventing air or water from flowing through the drains or pipes.

When you send water down the drain, air displaces the water in the water pipes. In other words, the water is replaced by air when it leaves.

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If the water is not replaced effectively, it can create a vacuum and disrupt the water flow. That’s why plumbing systems usually contain vent systems to avoid this issue.

It’s great you’re thinking of improving your life and comfort by moving into a new home. Before you close the deal, however, make sure to check for all these plumbing issues first to avoid any stress, and costly repairs and replacements later on.

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