Sunday Morning Tip for May 09: Top Signs Your Fire Alarm System Needs an Upgrade

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for May 09:</span> Top Signs Your Fire Alarm System Needs an Upgrade
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    A fire alarm system is a good idea in any building. It does exactly what it says, gives you and other people in the building, a warning that there is a fire.

    The better the system the earlier the fire is detected and the more chance people have of getting out alive.


A good fire alarm system consists of several elements:

Smoke Detectors

You should have at least one smoke detector on every level of a property. This increases the likelihood of a fire being detected early. If the detectors are wired together everyone in the building will know there is a fire.

Smoke detectors can also be connected to the main fire service, prompting a fast response. You should note that in some cases insurance cover is not valid without a working fire alarm system.


It is a good idea to have fire extinguishers in your fire kit. These should only be used if the fire is small and can be safely dealt with. If not, an extinguisher can help you to create an exit path from the building. Remember, the most important thing is simply getting out.

smoke alarmsfire extinguisher

      some fire alarm ideas to consider      

Other Equipment

There are several other items that can be useful, such as fire curtains that slow the spread of a fire. Smoke curtains slow the spread of deadly smoke, and fire blankets can be used to deal with chip pan fires.

Signs You Need An Upgrade

If you are missing any of the items above or haven’t checked them recently then you need to consider upgrading your system. It is not just about having the latest innovations, you also need to be confident that they will work when needed.

  • Age

    Systems that are twenty years old or more will almost certainly need to be upgraded. Technology and techniques have changed, these should be embraced in your system and a twenty-year-old system cannot be using modern equipment.

  • Regular Faults

    Regular issues with your fire alarm system mean you could lose your direct link to the fire service. That can cost you valuable tie in the event of a fire, and potentially significant damage to your property.

    It also suggests that the system is getting old and tired and that the wiring is probably in need of replacement. This is a good opportunity to replace your fire alarm system and upgrade it.

fire escape laddersfire protective blanket

      some fire escape tools to consider      

  • Change Of Use

    If your fire alarm system is old and the way the building is used has changed significantly since there is a good chance that the system is no longer fit for purpose. Any significant change to a building should warrant a look at the alarm system and potentially give you the opportunity to upgrade it.

The Final Decision

The final decision whether to stick with what you have or upgrade to a new fire system is yours. In most cases, it is a personal decision and you will need to weigh up the pros and cons. But, remember that a modern system can be checked by you from anywhere in the world.

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