Quick Checklist:     Where There is Smoke: Top 4 Risks for Home Fires

<span>Quick Checklist:    </span> Where There is Smoke: Top 4 Risks for Home Fires
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    When it comes to protecting your family from harm, it’s important to remember that the biggest dangers come from hidden problems.


Most people know to keep an eye on candles and other open flames, but there are other fire risks throughout the home that aren’t as easy to see. Here’s what you need to know in order to protect your family and keep your household safe. Here’s what you need to know in order to protect your family and keep your household safe.

  • Outdated and Damaged Extension Cords

    Extension cords can last a long time, but they won’t continue to safely delivery power forever. Over time, the cords will become worn and may start to fray. Extension cords that are damaged, show signs of any scorching or become very hot when in use should be disposed of. The same is true of power strips. If one of the outlets becomes damaged, you should discontinue use and replace the strip immediately.

  • Household Items

    Since 1977, the number of fire incidents has decreased from 508,000 down to 195,000. However, there are still steps homeowners can take to keep their property safe from fire. This includes replacing electrical appliances when they start to fail, using candles only under supervision and keeping a close eye on the stove. When it comes to your water heater and furnace, maintain an open area around the appliances. This is particularly important if you have gas fixtures that use pilot lights.

  • Electrical Arcs

    Wiring that is out of sight and out of mind can still pose a fire risk. An electrical arc is an abnormal spark that occurs as a result of loose connections or bad insulation. You can avoid this threat by upgrading your circuit breakers to arc-fault circuit interrupters. These modern devices sense the electrical arc and will shut down power before a fire can start. Let a professional from CMC Electric or a similar company in your particular area handle the installation to ensure that the work is done properly.

The truth about Electrical fires:

  • The Lint Trap

    It’s not enough to empty your dryer lint trap with every load. There are other areas that should be checked and cleaned. This includes built up lint inside the exhaust vent and even in the dryer casing. Use a shop vacuum to get dryer lint out of the tube, and try to vacuum out underneath the appliance to gather up the additional lint in this area. Perhaps a bit surprisingly, one of the most common causes of household fires is due to dryer malfunctions, so don’t overlook this important aspect of home safety.

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You can protect your family by taking a few proactive steps. Some of these changes may seem like an unnecessary expense, but they can keep your family safe from fires. Knowing some of the top risks can help you make the right upgrades so that you won’t have to worry about fires.

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