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Home Facelift Tips For Renovating Your Home

You might have loved your house when you first bought it, but every home needs a facelift after several years. Parts of a house become worn or outdated, and then it’s time to do some maintenance and interior design.

Storage Space

Home Organization: How To Make It Possible, Not Overwhelming

Tweet If you want to simplify the home organization process in a big way, all you have to do is follow these basic and effective practices. Proper home organization doesn’t


8 Smart and Easy Home Cleaning Tips

Keeping your home clean can seem like a challenge. Even more challenging is finding the time to get the work done.


Den in Disarray? Smart Organizing Tips!

Tweet A den adds value to a home, but it can also become an organization nightmare if yours is not in order. Let’s take a look at several smart organizing

General News

How to Banish Clutter For Good

Tweet Clearly, a system to put everything in its place is necessary, with some advance work needed before this job can be accomplished. Effectively banished, clutter can be dismissed for

Home Office

Make Your Home Office a Design Pleaser

Tweet Besides its functionality, a home office can and should look good, offering a design that is both pleasing and relaxing. So, if you are planning a home office, the

Home Structure

Got Junk? Get Organized!

Tweet In the spring, you bring out the grill, hang the bird feeder and take out the lawn mower. In the fall, you put those same items away. With each

Closet Systems

Tips and Tricks of Closet Organization

Tweet There are numerous ways that you can organize your closet, making it easy to find your stuff and to provide a useful storage area at that. 1. Box it

Kitchen and Dining

How to Bring Order to Your Kitchen

Tweet School reports are left on top of counters. Car keys may be placed on the kitchen table. And even the sink might double as a slop or utility sink.

Bed and Bath

A 3-Step Process to Ending Bathroom Clutter

Tweet I bet it is that plastic yellow hair brush, jammed between the cabinet and the back of the drawer, propped up by years of accumulated unused bathroom products. A


Making Your Dream Garage

Tweet What most of these people don’t realize is that it can be surprisingly easy if you follow a few simple rules. Function, organization and expectation. That is the holy