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Home Gutter Protection

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gutter system

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Leaves clogging gutter system


  • Gutters are vital mechanisms to collect and direct roof rain off away from home entry areas and foundations.
  • Faulty gutters can cause erosion around the home area that can end up in costly repairs.
  • Leaves and other environmental debris can clog and fail gutter flow.
  • That is why you might want to invest into gutter guards to avoid clogging.
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gutter guard

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Installing gutter guards


  • Gutter guards prevent leaf and other large debris from clogging the gutter.
  • As illustrated, gutter guards are porous to allow water to flow through.
  • But double check on those guards work best in your area.

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gutter guard

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Flexible gutter mesh


  • Again, there are many types of gutter guards available.
  • The objective is to keep leaves from collecting in gutter systems.
  • Leaves will fall on the guard mesh, in this example, and will be swept away by the wind.
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gutter shield

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Gutter covers


  • Another guard protection idea is gutter covers.
  • Covers allow just enough room for water to flow into the gutter system.
  • Leaves and other debris simply slide off the gutter cover to the ground.

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roof snow guards

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Snow guards protecting gutter system


  • We spoke of leaves causing havoc to gutter systems – but heavy roof snow can likewise be damaging.
  • Collected snow on the roof can slide down into the gutter well.
  • The heavy snow could clog gutter system – or worst scenario, tear the gutter system away from the house or building.
  • Roof snow guards may be necessary in those regions that get heavy snow falls.
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