Sunday Morning Tip for Jan 24: 5 Tips That Make Selling Your House Easier

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for Jan 24:</span> 5 Tips That Make Selling Your House Easier
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    Whether the market is hot or cool, selling your house is a stressful limbo.

    To avoid struggling with the uncertainty, do your best to sell your home quickly.

    Before you list your home, make sure you clear out as much as possible to make the moving process easy.


1. Start "Moving Out" Early

If you’re moving to a house that’s currently empty, find out if you can rent it for a month from the owner. They may be happy with the income, and you can start emptying your current home to make it easier to show. If that’s not possible, rent a storage unit or a pod.

Declutter each room with a:

  1. cardboard box for things you want in the new house but don’t need now
  2. white trash bag for donations
  3. black trash bag for discarding
  4. plastic bin for things you need now

With this packing method, it’s best to work quickly so you don’t overthink things. Only move to your new house the things you love. Make sure you put a date on the cardboard box. If you come across it in the new house and you haven’t opened it in a year, get rid of it.

kitchen counter pendant lightsrecessed kitchen lights

      some upgrades for selling your house easier      

2. De-Personalize

Make sure that as you take things down and put them away from that you remove photos and personal keepsakes. Once you have cleared out a lot of what you no longer need, you’ll have space.

Decorate with an eye toward neutrality. A pretty photo or painting of a landscape is lovely and will work in any home. Photos of your family need to be put away. If you love vibrant color and bold contrasts, consider repainting and going back to beige.

Carefully monitor the scent in your home. You may have a favorite room freshener or potpourri, but you want a scent that will appeal to everyone, so keep things simple. Vanilla plug-ins are a great option to keep your home fragrance neutral.

3. Look At Alternative Sale Options

Carefully consider if you have to sell on the open market. Scheduling an auction with a minimum is a very simple way to get rid of your current home on your schedule and with the price, you need out of the sale.

Be sure to keep an eye out for cash or quick-sale companies. The professionals who say, “we buy houses for cash” can often get you a great deal quickly, particularly if your house needs work that you don’t have the time or money to make happen.

home painting suppliespainting drop cloth

      some house painting supplies to consider      

4. Consider Moving to a Rental

If you can’t rent the house you’re moving into, or if you’re having a house built. consider renting an apartment or house for a short term, or even on a month to month lease. Once you’re out of the house you’re trying to sell, you can update it or make repairs as needed.

The rental option is also a wonderful way to test your down-sizing process. If you’re going from a 4 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom house, rent a small 2 bedroom and get comfortable in the smaller space. You can fine-tune your downsizing process in the rental and make moving into your new space a breeze.

5. Watch Your Front Door

Make certain that your home is as inviting and cheerful as possible buyers pull up to the door. Keep the lawn mowed and make sure the front door is clean, the storm door is free of fingerprints, and any plants at the front door are in excellent shape. If there are multiple steps up to the front door, make sure they’re well lit and that the handrail is sturdy.


Carefully review your entryway. Yes, you need a place to drop off keys and bags, but you also want to make this a welcoming spot. Set outfresh flowers or a baked treat to brighten the space for potential buyers.

Do what you can to avoid having an unsold house on the market for months. Make sure the price is fair, but don’t drop it too quickly unless you really must sell quickly.

Do what you can to reduce your expenses so you have extra cash for a storage unit or even a rental house while prepping to move. Taking advantage of this tips will make selling your house easier and more enjoyable.

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