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Replacing Your Windows? How to Renovate and Resell

It may not seem like a very cost effective project when it comes to the return on your home’s investment. New windows do more than just add value when they’re done correctly.

Doors and Windows

Winning Replacement Window Combo: Vinyl Frames and Advanced Glass

Not too long ago, choosing a replacement window was a mundane task. Even though there were a lot to choose from when it came to window styles, there weren’t too many choices in materials.

Doors and Windows

Replacement Window Shopping: The Ultimate Guide for Homeowners

Planning to get new windows? Get the most out of your home improvement project with these handy shopping tips.

Doors and Windows

12 Questions to Ask During Your Window-Replacement Consultation

Most home improvement projects, no matter how straightforward, will take a considerable amount of your time and money.

Doors and Windows

Top 4 Reasons to Invest in Window and Door Replacement

Tweet All you need to do is focus on your home’s most visible design elements, like your windows and doors. While they may seem pretty inconsequential as compared with other

Doors and Windows

DIY: Window Replacement

If your windows are no longer really doing their job – maybe the frames are letting air in, or the glass is starting to warp – now is the time to look into replacement windows.