The Only Window Installation You’ll Need: Knowing the Right Window Replacement Process

The Only Window Installation You’ll Need: Knowing the Right Window Replacement Process
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    No matter how high-quality your windows are, if they are not installed properly and according to industry and manufacturer standards, you can't expect them to last as long as their declared lifespan.

    Proper installation plays a huge role in achieving optimal overall window performance as well.


You can get the most out of your investment if you take the time to learn about what goes into an ideal window installation process. In this post, you’ll learn about everything that any homeowner needs to know about this crucial process and what you should expect from the window company that you are looking to hire.

The Importance of Proper Window Installation

There are different reasons why you should go after proper, professional window installation. These include:

  1. Protection from the elements

    Proper window installation helps ensure that your windows are weathertight, protecting not only your windows from the elements, but your home as well. If your window is not properly installed, you can expect it to allow unwanted air infiltration, disrupting indoor temperature stability.

    SEALED AND PROTECTED. Proper installation involves the application of caulks and seals that are necessary for keeping the windows protected from the elements.

  2. Better insulation and energy efficiency

    Your windows may be made of glass and frame that offers insulative benefits, but if they are not installed properly, this advantage may just well be considered useless. That is because if the windows are not airtight, outside noise and air can still penetrate through the gaps around the window. When windows are airtight adequate insulation can be expected, which also translates to better energy efficiency.

  3. Longevity

    Reputable window manufacturers design their products using the best practices and technologies currently available. However, the products will only last if they are installed properly. A good fit is required to make sure that the windows stay in place and that it will not acquire damage related to faulty installation, such as cracks on the glass and frame.

  4. Keep warranties valid

    Reliable window manufacturers provide comprehensive warranties for their products, giving you the assurance that if the products fail within the covered period, you may have them repaired or replaced for free. However, these manufacturers require that their products be installed by certified window contractors. If this rule is not followed, the warranties will be considered void, as it will be assumed that the windows were not installed in favorable conditions and according to standards, leading to their failure.

The Ideal Window Replacement and Installation Process

When window companies follow an industry-proven step-by-step replacement and installation process, they are able to eliminate confusion, allowing for faster completion of the project. Generally, the following phases should be observed:

  1. The pre-installation consultation and estimate

    A good window company is one that will send representatives or consultants to your home. They will check your existing windows and home conditions, which will allow them to develop recommendations. They will also explain the options available for your specific needs. During the in-home consultation, you can work together to create a plan for the window replacement project. The consultant should also provide you with an estimate according to the plan you have developed.

    CUSTOM MEASUREMENTS. Among the important steps in a window replacement process is the careful taking of measurements to ensure windows are sized correctly.

  2. Taking measurements and manufacturing windows

    If you approve of details in your estimate, your window company will then move forward to create a contract. Carefully read and understand all terms in the contract and only sign it when you are in agreement with what it indicates. When all is set, the window crew will start taking custom measurements and then proceed with producing your windows using cutting-edge technology.

  3. Installation phase

    Once your custom-manufactured replacement windows are ready, the window installation crew will start working according to a planned schedule. The installation phase includes everything from covering and protecting the area of installation, up to the cleanup and disposal of the old windows, as well as final inspection of the newly installed windows.

  4. After-sales support

    When you hire a reputable window company, you can expect to receive outstanding customer service even after the installation job itself. When the window contractor that you hired is confident about their products and work, they are likely to provide generous product warranties and labor guarantees.

Beyond Window Installation: After-Sales Service and Warranties

A lot of things can change within several years. However, your replacement windows should not. By ensuring proper installation, you can expect your windows to work well in the next decade or two–but what if they cease doing so?

That’s where warranties come in.

One of the good things about getting professional window installation or replacement is that you get to enjoy and benefit from warranties provided by manufacturers. These warranties protect against material defects and other related premature product failures and faulty performance.

WHAT’S IN THE WARRANTY? Homeowners should always check what their window warranty covers.

When studying window warranties, you should check for the following:

  1. How long will the warranty be in effect?
  2. What problems and parts will be covered?
  3. Is the warranty transferable in case the house will be sold?
  4. What scenarios may void the warranty?

Aside from the product warranties that the manufacturer offers, you can also expect to benefit from labor guarantees provided by the window contractor. Such guarantees back the contractor’s confidence that they have installed your windows properly.

How to Make Sure That You’ll Get Reliable Window Installation Service

The only way to ensure that you will receive outstanding window installation is to work with a reputable and certified window company. Here are some tips on how you can find a window company that you can confidently entrust your investment to:

  1. Get referrals

    Family, friends, and neighbors who have had their windows replaced are likely to refer the window contractor they hired if they did a good job.

  2. Check with the manufacturer

    The window manufacturer that you are looking to get your new windows from will be more than willing to refer you to local window contractors that they have certified to install their products.

  3. Check with your local contractors licensing office

    You may call or drop by the local contractors licensing office to get a list of licensed window companies in your area. While you’re at it, you may also want to ask about the companies’ reputations; for instance, if there have been complaints raised against them in the past.

Indeed, ensuring proper window installation will go a long way in making the most out of your investment. If you want to learn more about the ideal process, take the time to consult a window company that has been trusted in your area and certified by the manufacturer that you are looking to get products from.

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