How To Plan A Perfect Utility Room

How To Plan A Perfect Utility Room
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    No matter if you're renovating your home, building an extension to the house, or moving into a whole new property, it's always a good idea to plan a perfect utility room and incorporate it into the plans.

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Often also referred to as the laundry room, this place can be a hub for many everyday tasks. What we want to say is that it can exceed its basic purpose of being a room for doing the washing. And if you do everything correctly, besides being practical, it can look great too.

Now, it can be difficult to start planning such a room. Especially if you have never had one before.

Knowing where to place the appliances, how much space you will need, and choosing a perfect spot in the house are all the things that are important here.

But there are no reasons for worrying. Even if you have no previous experience, our guide will run you through all the basics.

You’ll be well on your way to creating a perfect utility room for your needs. It has never been so easy to improve your home on a budget.

Why You Need a Utility Room

As we already mentioned, the utility room has much more value than mere practicality. It will increase the interest of potential buyers if you decide to sell it at some point in time.

Simply having a space to do all the weekly washings, store big appliances and all your cleaning products is a nice thing to have.

Just think about it. For most families, the kitchen is the place where all the washing is happening. And we all know that it can easily get crowded. However, if you plan a perfect utility room, and move your washing machine and dryer there, you’ll gain space in the kitchen area.

That’s free space for storage or a new sitting area that you desperately need. Eliminating the noise from the appliances is just an added bonus.

washer/dryer pairlaundry utility sink

      some laundry room ideas to consider      

Design It To Be More Than Just Laundry

We understand that space can sometimes be an issue when trying to create a room that isn’t there. That’s why we’ve consulted professionals and made a list of all the things you can use this room for. Besides all the usual suspects like steaming and ironing, of course.

So, you can incorporate some of these ideas into your plan. However, be sure to make the layout focused on making the jobs that you intend to do here as easy as possible.

Don’t forget what the primary purpose of the room is. But, it can also be a:

  • Larder
  • Dog room
  • Bike storage
  • Coatroom
  • Auxiliary toilet
  • Full-blown appliance room (add fridge, freezer, and dishwasher)

The Perfect Position For a Utility Room

We all know about possibilities for creating extra space in your home with a loft conversion, and although we’ve seen it done a few times, we wouldn’t recommend following that route. Try to choose a place that will be near the kitchen, with an external wall. Direct access to the garden is a nice thing to add as it will be needed for some of the secondary purposes of the room.

There are many reasons for it to be beside the kitchen. Firstly, the appliances should be easy to connect as the plumbing is already there. You can move your fridge and freezer to a new room if it’s close. And finally, if you double this room as a larder or pantry, you’ll want quick access while cooking.

Another way to go would be near a toilet or bathroom. Once again, you’ll have easy access to plumbing and these spaces are usually well-ventilated.

If you choose to use your utility room strictly for laundry, be sure to keep it away from relaxing areas. Noise from these appliances can be a problem sometimes, and when the idea is to plan a perfect utility room you need to avoid it.

What About the Size?

A space of around 15 square feet is generally considered the minimum for a utility cupboard. This will allow you to have a washing machine, dryer, and some shelving above them. About 30 square feet would give you just enough for a walkway.

And, finally, a 50 square feet plus is where these rooms really shine. This way you can add a sink and plenty of storage if you need to create the ultimate laundry room.

However, be sure not to get carried away with the numbers. The size of it should be proportionate to the amount of laundry you do every week. So, if you live on your own or with a small family, you should be alright with just a small room.

Just be sure to measure everything beforehand. You don’t want to lose floor space because of the extra-large washing machine.

How to Plan a Perfect Utility Room – Important bits

Once the decision on the size and location of the room is made, you need to deal with details.

  • Ventilation and Flooring

    When creating a laundry room, ventilation is crucial. Both washer and dryer generate heat and moisture so be sure to invest in some windows and doorway extractor fans.

    Now, flooring should look nice but you mustn’t forget about the practicality here. Since moisture and leaks are a thing to worry about, there shouldn’t be any carpets, laminate, or wooden flooring.

    Think about rubber or ceramic tiles as your best options. Underfloor heating is one of the things you should consider when remodeling your home, especially if you’re extending it.

ceramic tileswood vinyl planks

      some flooring ideas to consider      

  • Sink and Worktops

    If you opted for the biggest version of the utility room you have some space to play around with. The sink is always a useful addition.

    You will use it to clean and soak clothes, washing hands, and many other things that you wouldn’t even dream about. Make sure that it’s close to the appliances and ensure that there’s a worktop space beside it.

    And the last thing you need to do to plan a perfect utility room is to choose a worktop. Here you should again go for low-maintenance durable materials.

    Luckily for you, there are plenty of those that look amazing. Granite and hardwood are just the most popular options, but feel free to explore and experiment more.

other valuable tips:

Keep in mind – that creating a laundry room will not break your budget if you’ve already made a decision to renovate the entire house. However, if that’s the only project you’ve got in store try not to get carried away by using fancy materials and buying too many expensive appliances.

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