Energy Saving Gadgets For 2013

Energy Saving Gadgets For 2013
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    When trying to save money on energy bills, it can be stressful to switch utility suppliers.

    By making the use of some of the best Energy Saving Gadgets for 2013 you can cut your energy costs and reduce your stress levels at the same time!


Here are some of the most useful gadgets of this year that will save you energy and money;

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL) or otherwise known as Energy-Saving Light Bulbs use between 20-30% less energy than regular bulbs. They are slightly more expensive to purchase but they need replacing less often, which not only saves time but also means you’ll save money in the long run. The downside is that they contain mercury so you will have to dispose of these safely.

Solar Lamps

There are times when you don’t always want bright, full on lighting. Dimmer switches allow you to set lighting to suit your mood though these can use up quite a lot of electricity. A great energy saving alternative is a Solar lamp. You can adjust the brightness of the lamp to your tastes while using less energy than a conventional dimmer switch.

You can get that soft, dimmed lighting any time either in the house or outside in the garden. Once you buy the Solar lamps you never have to replace the bulb but you do have to make sure the lamps are charged before use.


Bulky draught-excluders are not always enough to stop annoying draughts, particularly in very windy weather. This can often be caused by your letter box; the brushes inside the letter box can wear over time. This is where the EcoFlap comes in handy. It is designed to fit comfortably over the letter box, not interfering with the opening and shutting of the letter box or preventing mail from being placed through it.

It cuts out the draughts, stops the letter box from rattling in windy conditions and conserves energy cutting down on your electricity bill. The disadvantage of the EcoFlap is that it is made of plastic and not particularly attractive.

Wireless Electricity Meters

Wireless Electricity Meters provide a simple and convenient way to keep a check on your energy usage, costs and energy consumption. It requires no installation, you just clip the meter onto the wire coming out of your household electricity meter and it sends the data to the display. The wireless range reaches around 25 metres between devices.

The meter shows exactly how much power you are using as the cost, all in real time. The meter displays your consumption and the real-time cost. They are often free if you switch your energy provider and provides a clear guide of how much power you are using (and potentially wasting). The meter itself does not reduce the amount of power you use but it does indicate where you are using too much.

Alert Me Smart Monitoring

The Alert Me Smart Monitoring computer application provides a very clever way of controlling your power and energy consumption – wherever you are. The Smart Monitoring system allows you to control everything – the water, the lights, the heating, and more or less every electrical appliance in the house.

You can set the heating to turn on and off at the touch of a button even if you are in another country. It also closely monitors your power consumption and if you are using too much the program can send a text alert to warn you. A camera can also be installed for extra security. The only major downside of the Alert Me Monitoring system is that it is rather expensive and requires a recurring membership charge.

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