Can You Dump Your Cable TV? Learn the Facts

Can You Dump Your Cable TV? Learn the Facts
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    For many people, the reality today is that the cost of living is going up faster than their paychecks.

    That means looking hard at spending and being budget conscience.


Living from paycheck to paycheck isn’t easy to do, but there is one way that you can save lots of money every month. I’m talking about dumping your cable TV and finding alternatives to your television programming.

Some people will probably argue that they just can’t live without their cable provider and the variety of programs they receive. I would counter their concerns by pointing out the facts and letting them decide if their cable TV is really the best way to spend hundreds of dollars each month. 

So here are some facts about dumping your Cable TV.

The Price of Cable Today

When you compare the price you pay each month, you probably spend well over a hundred dollars for lots of channels. And for some people, the variety they receive is a big reason why they subscribe to different tiers of service and even paid programming channels like HBO or Showtime.

Take a good look at your line up of channels and compare those that you actually watch on a regular basis and those that you skip or don’t even tune into at all. Then think about the money per channel and decide for yourself whether you really are getting a great deal.

Alternative Choices:

Roku and HuluPlus

Believe it or not, you really do have several choices other than cable TV. Take a walk in your local retail store and you’ll find products like Roku or HuluPlus that you can purchase. These devices allow you get movies and all sorts of television shows.  You do have to consider the initial cost of the equipment and budget for the low monthly fees, but you’ll be surprised by the variety of offerings available to you.

One of the nice features of Roku and HuluPlus is that you can also stream movies and television programs on your other devices. You have the option of watching programs on your computer, tablet or even your smart phone. This feature gives you the flexibility of when and where you want to watch TV.

HDTV Antennas

You may not know this but television stations broadcast their signals in high definition. So if you were under the impression that the only way to get high definition TV was with your cable or satellite provider, you’ve been misinformed. Cable companies really don’t want you to know that fact because it creates competition that would eventually cut into their profits.

Today’s technology has advanced far beyond the old antenna that your father or grandfather had attached to their homes. Now you can purchase small, easy to use antennas that stay indoors and allow you pick up your television station signals directly and for free.

The advantage of picking up a direct signal is that you will receive higher picture quality than you probably get from your cable provider. Cable companies pick up their signals and redirect them to you via your converter box. So somewhere your signal could find interference and your picture quality could suffer.

Products like As Seen on TV Clear TV antenna gives you the freedom to place your antenna anywhere you want it. It’s easy to hook up. You program your television to pick up the over the air signals and before long, you are watching your favorite programs and in high definition.

If you are struggling each month or even struggling with the idea of cutting out cable, do your research.  Check out your local retail stores and see what products are available.The truth is that you don’t have pay for your television services.



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