9 Common Garage Door Problems Homeowners Face

9 Common Garage Door Problems Homeowners Face
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    Home improvements are a way of enhancing the pleasure and utility you get from your home.

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Not all home improvement projects enhance the value or salability of your home as much as garage improvements.

Garage improvements are number 2 in the Remodeling magazine’s 2020 Cost vs. Value report delivering a 94% return on investment.

Garage doors can give you several different home improvement challenges. What can you do about them?
Read on to learn more about garage door problems.

1. Can’t Open Your Garage Door

If your garage door won’t open start with the simplest potential cause. Check that the garage door opener is plugged into the power supply. If it has been disconnected, plug it in and test the door.

Sometimes, the door may appear to be connected to the power supply but there is no power. A circuit breaker could have engaged or a fuse blown. There could be some other interruption to the power supply.

Check these power supply issues. If there is repeated tripping of the circuit breaker or blowing of fuses there could be a short circuit somewhere in the system.

Have the system and the door checked by a qualified electrician.

If there is power but the motor still does not work, it may have burned out. It will need servicing or replacing. It may be time to have it checked by a service engineer?

A very common problem with garage doors is caused by long term lack of preventative maintenance. Regular application of lubricant to the chain or drive-screw will prevent corrosion.

This, in turn, will reduce the friction that can stop your door from opening.

If it is stuck apply plenty of silicone-based lubrication or some spray lubricant. Wipe off any surplus lubricant and allow it to soak in. It will free up the door.

2. Garage Door Noises

Are you hearing excruciating grinding noises every time you operate your garage door?

It’s a noise that is so annoying that you won’t want to use the door. Neighbors will turn to look and everybody in your area knows when you are opening your garage door.

These noises are often caused by metal rubbing on metal. The friction between the two surfaces causes noise. These parts need lubrication.

Apply lubrication to any parts that are squeaking or creaking. Wipe away any surplus lubricant.

Apply lubrication regularly to maintain a healthy operating and sounding garage door. Check out this article from Ohana Garage Door Repair.

3. Cracking Doors

Aging sometimes results in cracks or even small gaps in your garage door. These may not cause any major problems to begin with but they are an early sign of troubles to come.

A gap or crack attracts moisture. If you live in an area that experiences frost, the water in a crack can freeze. When water freezes it expands and makes the gap expand.

Un-treated cracks and gaps result in leaks and further structural damage. Seal any small gaps with weather sealant or waterproof filler. Weather sealant is easily obtained from a home improvement store. Follow the instructions on the product for using this product.

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4. Ageing Weather Sealant

The weather sealant around your garage door does not last forever.

It will start to age long before your door needs replacing. The hardened sealant stops being watertight. It will let water into the garage and into the moving parts of the garage door resulting in corrosion, damp and further damage.

Gaps in weather sealant also mean that the soundproofing and heat insulation properties of the garage door are reduced.
Check the sealant and remove any existing weather sealant if it has started to age. Thoroughly clean the gaps. Replace it with a new sealant.

5. Door Spring Failure

If your garage door opens slightly and then stops or actually closes again, you may have a spring problem. The springs along the top of the door are the cause of this problem.

The solution is to replace these broken springs. You may not need to replace every spring in the garage door, especially if they have been recently replaced.

Replacing all the springs regularly is a good preventative maintenance routine. It reduces the likelihood that you will have a breakdown. When all the springs are the same age, you know that you don’t have any very old springs that are about to fail.

Preventative maintenance of this sort is relatively cheap compared to resolving a breakdown that might also have other associated damage to resolve.

6. Photo-Eye Problems

The photo-eye is a device that prevents the door closing. It’s a safety feature but it can result in the door failing to shut fully if it becomes misaligned.

Check these electronic eyes. They are on both sides of the door. They need a clear line of sight between them.

Check to see if there is any debris between the eyes. Sometimes some leaves or litter can get in the way. If there is some obstruction, the photo-eyes will signal that it is not safe to close the door and the door will open.

If the brackets that hold the photo-eye have been knocked or damaged the photo-eyes may be misaligned resulting in a door malfunction. Check that the alignment between sensors is true and make an adjustment if it is not.

If the brackets have been loosened try to identify what has caused this and prevent it from happening again.

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7. Door Bottom Gap

Check the bottom of your garage door. Is there a gap when the door is in the closed position?

Having a gap can result in debris entering your garage even when the door is closed. It could be a security risk as it looks like an invitation to a thief to lever up the door. It’s also a means for vermin to enter your garage and bring in disease or damage your belongings.

A small gap at the bottom of your garage door is easily resolved. Pipe insulation can be fitted to the underside of your garage door. It creates a soft seal that doesn’t damage the garage door or the floor of your garage.

This is a flexible expanded foam product normally used to prevent freezing in pipes. It’s readily available in various lengths from a hardware store. Buy just enough to cover the length of your garage door.

8. Remote Control Failure

If your garage door is in perfect working order and there is a power supply to the door it may still not operate. The reason may be that the remote control is not working.

The first thing to check if you suspect your remote control isn’t working is the batteries. Check to see if the batteries are properly fitted. Try changing the batteries to check whether they have run down.

If you change the batteries in the remote control and it still does not operate the door it may need reprogramming. Check the operating manual for specific instructions on how to do this.

If you are using a wall controller or keyless entry and the door does not operate it possible that you have a failure in the photo-eyes. The garage door operator has to have fully functioning photo-eyes otherwise it will stop the door opening on safety grounds. Check to see if there is a light on in the photo-eyes.

If there is no light in the photo-eyes, the maybe a problem with the power supply to the breaker and garage door opener. Try turning it off and on. Test whether everything is plugged in and that there is power by attaching another device.

Resolve any power supply problem. If it isn’t power supply have the garage door serviced. You may need an engineer’s expertise.

9. Poor Appearance

After a few years, a garage door can start to look in need of some tender loving care. If it is exposed to strong sunlight, severe weather conditions, or heavy use it may need a facelift.

other valuable tips:

A garage door is often a very visible part of your home. Many are situated at the front of your property. It can contribute to the curb appeal of your home. If it is in poor condition it can make your home look shabby and uncared for.

A good-looking garage door suggests that the rest of your home is cared for too. That’s a great advertisement for your home, especially if you care about what your neighbors think or if you want to sell your home. This is a relatively easy and cheap way of enhancing the appearance of your home.

Rust affects the metal parts of your garage door. The corrosion is formed when water, air, and iron get together for a long time.

Clean rust away. Use detergent and then vinegar to dissolve the rust. Sand metal parts of the door to return to a sound metal surface.

Use a primer paint before applying exterior paint. You may need several coats to provide good all-weather protection to your garage door.

No More Garage Door Problems

Fix these garage door problems and start a regular regime of preventative maintenance. You’ll have far fewer problems. More than that, you’ll save money on expensive repairs.

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