Basement Issues that Need Waterproofing

Basement Issues that Need Waterproofing
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    For many homeowners, water in the basement can mean trouble.

    Floods can seep into the walls if there's not much waterproofing done in the area.

    There can be extensive damage caused by water if you won't stop the leak.


Most of the problems by homeowners in the basement include runoffs, condensation, and swelling of groundwater. There are plenty of solutions that are available to resolve these issues. Some of the things that one can do include installing drainage systems within a set parameter or using a dehumidifier inside the area.

Some signs that there’s water inside the basement include dampness, musty odors, and wet pieces of furniture, especially after a rainy day. If you have done disinfecting the area and the musty smell persists, it might be time to call the professionals.

When you are into a home renovation, you need first to address the issue in the basement before you begin the modifications. Professional advice from basement waterproofing sites is highly encouraged.

There are lots of licensed contractors that can help you get the job done in no time. Check with your local municipality for the list of legitimate contractors in your area.


One of the most common causes of runoff is melted snow that was not properly directed away from the house.

There’s also the issue of rainwater with no proper drainage that causes a flood to the basement.

If there are lots of gaps and holes, hydrostatic pressure will push the water through them.

For many people, the solution for runoff is to build a slope that redirects the water away from the house. You can ask a professional contractor about the right measurements of the slope.

Some standards should be followed to prevent downspouts from pooling near the foundation of your property. Some of the signs that you need to look out for include moss growth and algae that suggest cracks.

Problems with Condensation

Condensation happens when the warm air outside hits cool walls and makes them moist. You can read more about condensation in this useful site. You might want to look for little droplets and wet pools on the floors to be certain that the problems that you have is a condensation issue.

You can perform a specific test that will let you know whether condensation causes problems in your basement. Most people put a sticky tape on the wall and leave it for a few days. If there’s moisture on the other side of the plastic that sticks to the wall, you need to seal your basement fast.

For short-term solutions, a dehumidifier can be beneficial for you. You can also consider searching for leaks and seal them as soon as possible. If you don’t address condensation, this can lead to more serious structural issues later on. You can also try to open the windows and aerate the interior of your house to remove condensation.

basement flood alarmwet dry vac

      some basement flood control ideas to consider      

Swelling of Groundwater

There’s a point where too much rain can surpass the water table in your area.

Know more about water table here:

You can check the water table’s capacity and its high point by visiting your local municipality or asking around. There’s a time when the soil that surrounds your property can’t hold the extra water anymore, and this can be an issue.

Basements that are frequently wet after a storm means that the water can enter through the joints in the floor and walls. There are times when you need to install several systems to combat high groundwater issues, but this can be costly.

other valuable tips:

The Solution

Regardless of the use of your basement, keeping it dry is essential to the foundation of your house. Most people don’t only make use of their lower ground floors as storage; it is also a place where they work or relax after a long day.

When you have a sanctuary that you can go to daily, you need to address every problem it has, and you also need to outweigh the costs over the benefits. Figuring out the type of problem that you are having is the first step to saving money, effort, and time.

There are many solutions online, but if you want more durable sealings and coatings, you can contact a pro in your area. They know how to immediately identify the problem. They also have the right tools to address the problem, so you will never have to worry about downpour, snow, and rainfall flooding your basement ever again.

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