Old House? Here Are 5 Ways to Prevent Interior Damage

Old House? Here Are 5 Ways to Prevent Interior Damage
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    If you have an old house, you need to pay extra attention to making sure your property is maintained.

    In particular, you must be certain to prevent interior damage.


All kinds of issues could impact the interior of your old home. To make sure you are covered, you should check out these great tips.

Here are five ways you can prevent interior damage.

1. Basement Waterproofing

With an older home, you have a foundation that is more susceptible to water-related issues. To ensure your home is protected, you need to make sure you have a basement that has been waterproofed. You could accomplish this by applying a basement waterproofing sealer.

sump pumpsbasement water alarm

      some basement flooding ideas to consider      

When you seal areas of your foundation where water could seep into your home from your basement, your ensure your home does not run into water issues like mold, flooding, and structural damage. For those of you with an old home, you should look into taking care of this need. now It’s something you definitely can benefit from doing.

2. Roof Repairs

You also need to make sure moisture does not impact your home through your roof. If you have portions of your roof that need to be replaced or you need a roof replacement, you should know either type of maintenance is worthy of your investment.

You might want to consider a new roofing material instead of using the current roofing material on your home. Not only do you have access to even better quality materials to better protect your home, but you also have various styles and price-points from which you can choose. Don’t delay making roof repairs.

3. Address Drafts

If you are dealing with drafty windows and doors, then you need to fix those drafts as soon as possible. Not only are your efforts to contain airflow impacted, but you also run into issues like water coming into your home. You can develop issues in the draft area and throughout your entire home.

You have products you can use to make repairs to your existing windows and doors. And you also can shop around for energy-efficient and affordable new windows and doors. Whether you decide to make repairs or install new products, you should address drafts to prevent interior damage in your old house.

4. Landscaping

You might not think that landscaping impacts the inside of your home, but it does indeed help you prevent interior damage. Yes, landscaping is more than just your yard, plants, and garden beds looking great. It has a direct impact on the interior of your old property.

bee loving flowersgarden planting tools

      some landscaping ideas to consider      

When weeds are left to roam and do what they want to do, those weeds can find a way to grow into your home. The same can be said for plant bushes and trees that sprout near your home’s foundation.

If unneeded growth does not get addressed, the growth can attack all areas of your home, not just at the foundation. And don’t forget that poorly maintained lawns can be breeding grounds for pesky bugs and insects that can wreak havoc on your home’s interior.

5. Gutter Cleaning

You must schedule regular gutter cleanings of your home to prevent interior damage. Although your gutters are an external feature, you must know they do have a direct impact on your home’s interior. At a minimum, your gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year. But as a general rule of thumb, you should always remove any debris from them that can stop the water flow.

other valuable tips:

Any time that your gutters are clogged, you run the risk of water not making its way away from your home. Water can instead back up and impact your home. Your roof, walls, windows, and doors can be damaged, and water can gather in the wrong spots at the base of your home, too. Your foundation could also come under attack.

Do not put off taking care of your home’s needs. Any of the tried and true strategies above is a proven way that you can take care of those needs. Whether you turn to one or all of the five aforementioned tips, you will indeed be able to prevent interior damage.

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