Common Plumbing Issues in Your Home

Common Plumbing Issues in Your Home
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    Every homeowner faces issues in their living space at some point, whether it’s bugs, a broken HVAC unit, or electrical issues.

    One aspect of any home structure that faces constant use and abuse is the plumbing.


Everyone should know these common plumbing issues in the home so that they can identify these issues and seek a plumber as soon as possible.

Running Toilet

A running toilet is a common plumbing issue that affects many home residents. There are many causes of this, but toilets often run due to improper parts.

Faulty flapper valves lose control of the water that passes from the tank to the bowl. When this happens, your toilet can lose hundreds of gallons of water daily. Otherwise, your toilet could run due to sediment overflow, which clogs the flushing and filling.

Inspect every component of your toilet to identify possible issues. You can find a toilet repair kit at your local store, or you can call a plumber if you’re not comfortable with DIY tasks.

Clogged Drains

Another common issue is clogged drains, and hair and soap are the main culprits. You can clear this debris using a snake, a plunger, or chemical solvents.

Drain guards can also catch debris and protect your drains long-term.

External factors can also affect your drains without you realizing it. For example, heavy rains can block and overflow drains with excess sediment and debris.

Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes can also be major annoyances, and any resulting water damage can create the need for serious home repairs. Not to mention, moisture can lead to pests such as cockroaches or rodents.

plumbing repair kitplumbing pipe wrench

      some plumbing repair ideas to consider      

When you notice leaks, consider using tape, compounds, or fillers for an easy—albeit temporary—solution. If the leaks are serious, you may need to have a plumber replace the piping and fittings entirely.

Low Water Pressure

The last common plumbing issue in your home to know is low water pressure. When you’re showering, washing dishes, or even just running the faucet, nothing is more annoying than low water pressure. However, when this happens, you may have a more pressing plumbing concern—such as sediment or mineral buildup or broken pipes.

Soak any mineral-capped showerheads or faucet heads in vinegar to destroy the sediment buildup. Then, use a toothpick or safety pin to chip off the loose deposits. If that doesn’t work, you can always replace the heads.

other valuable tips:

One way you can avoid future sediment buildup is by installing a filtration system on your faucets. If you still can’t identify the problem or if you notice a sudden decrease in aerator or showerhead performance, you might need to call a plumber.

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