Home Disasters: Ideas for Temporary Fixes for Big Problems

Home Disasters: Ideas for Temporary Fixes for Big Problems
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    You never know when a disaster will strike that causes serious damage to your home.

    Unfortunately, major damage generally implies that repairs will involve a major expense.


In many cases, what you need is a quick fix to prevent the already existing damage from leading to more serious problems and ultimately greater expense. That way you can keep the problem at bay while you seek out a more permanent solutions. Here are some temporary fixes to a few big problems that your home may face.

Window Damage

It could happen at any time. A tornado gets too close to your home, hurling rain and hail as it moves. Before you know it, all the windows in your home are shattered. If you are lucky, this is the only major damage to your home; however, it is possible to temporarily repair broken windows with simple solutions. Covering the exposed openings by nailing a sheet of plywood over the opening is one way to keep wind, insects, and other creatures from entering your home. Covering the windows with plastic and sealing the edges is also an effective temporary fix.

Electrical Problems

The lights in the living room flicker off and on frequently. Outlets that used to work are now not producing electricity. The knob that controls the intensity of the crown of lights in your kitchen gets a little too warm for comfort. The outlet near the refrigerator has blown out two of your appliances in the last week. It seems like your home is having major electrical issues from one room to the next. Faulty wiring and switches could potentially be at the heart of many of these problems. Until you can get around to addressing each individual electrical issue in your home, it may be time to simply trip the breakers to those rooms exhibiting electrical problems. Provided that issues do not start popping up in other rooms, this is a temporary solution that does not require any monetary output on your part.

Standing Water in the Basement

All basements, no matter how much you try to protect them from flooding or water damage, will eventually experience standing water. According to A P Plumbing, standing water is usually a sign of sump pump malfunction, or a more general plumbing problem resulting from too much run off water creating back-flow into the basement. If you cannot afford a permanent solution, such as the installation of a check valve, then employing the use of stand pipes at each drainage point is a cheaper temporary solution. A sump pump repair in Rochester NY says this method relies on using the physics of pressure to keep the back-flow in the stand pipe, rather than leaking out on your basement floor. It’s a temporary solution that won’t break the bank either.

Air Condition Gives Out in Summer

For those who live in a particularly hot climate, living without a functioning air conditioner is a major disaster in its own right. In some cases, especially when it involves the elderly, a failing air condition unit may be detrimental to a home owner’s health. To make matters worse, replacing a worn out air conditioning system can cost thousands. Fortunately, a quick and temporary solution is to purchase window air conditioning units. Generally, the energy expenditure is relatively low, and the window units themselves are not overly expensive. In addition, these window units can function well for years if necessary. This gives a home owner a little breathing room to save the money to replace their air conditioning system.

Even though your home may be experiencing structural or component damage, often a temporary fix will suffice to keep the problem at bay. In many cases, temporary solutions to most major problems are relatively cost effective. Taking the time to implement a temporary solution that will hold up over the short term can help to offset major expenses from overwhelming a home owner. At the very least, it will give a home owner some breathing room; thus, allowing them to find a more permanent solution later.



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