5 Tips to Follow When Moving During COVID-19

5 Tips to Follow When Moving During COVID-19
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    Packing up your household is never easy, but COVID-19 has created a particular crisis for those moving long distances.


You will need to make adjustments and allowances for who packs your belongings, where you stop when you need food, and how to unpack when you get to your new home.

Buy Good Boxes

It can be tempting to visit multiple retail establishments in an effort to get free boxes. However, this means exposing yourself to many different environments as you seek out packing materials.

If you can, go to the effort to buy good boxes of uniform size. Use your household linens, such as extra sheets and towels, instead of newspaper, for your dishes and other delicate objects.

If you need bubble wrap for some items, buy it at the same place you get your boxes. Don’t make a lot of extra trips to collect these items.

Packing: Go With A Pro

It should be pointed out that viruses don’t move on their own. They need a host. If you’re hiring movers in CT or your particular locale to load your truck, be sure to hire a company that carefully vets their employees.

Limit the number of movers in your home and provide multiple pairs of disposable gloves for your crew.

Moving and packing is hard work, but if your crew can’t or won’t work in masks, you may be safer packing your own things. If the moving service is packing for you and they offer to bring boxes, let them.

The fewer new places you can physically visit in the days leading up to your move, the safer the process will be for your household and for people in the region you’re moving to.

Use Suitcases

Suitcases are a great tool to pack for your first night in your new space. Try to make sure that everyone in the house has one, and in each pack

  1. two days worth of clothes
  2. items for a shower or bath
  3. pajamas
  4. sheets for their bed
  5. their pillow

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Take care that only members of the household handle these suitcases. When the movers get the boxes in the house and the big pieces of furniture set up, unless you are paying them to unbox your house, thank them and send them on their way.

Go around the house with a spray bottle of a mild bleach solution of 4 tsp bleach to 1 quart of water. Wipe down common touching areas, such as door handles, security keypads and light switch plates with a cloth sprayed with the solution.

Make Time For Laundry

Once the movers get the beds in place, you can get sheets on the beds while everyone can take a shower before getting into the new sheets. Be sure that everyone has clean clothes for the next day as well. You will likely have had to move dirty bedding due to time constraints.

Take care to pack this carefully in large plastic bags. When you get to your new location, make sure to wash bedding and towels at 140 degrees Fahrenheit to make sure that any virus that did travel with you is killed off. By taking steps to be extra cautious, you can lower your risk of contracting a virus.

other valuable tips:

Stay Self-Contained

It is critical to do your best to avoid close contact with new people in a new space. One of the greatest challenges of COVID-19 is that we don’t know if we’re sick, let alone anyone else.

Pack a cooler of easy to access snacks and small meals. Order in once you get to your new place for the first few meals, or have one adult mask up and head to the grocery store.

Use a canvas tote bag for a container of hand sanitizer, disposable masks, disposable gloves, and a large Ziploc bag to use for trash. When you fill up with gas, use the gloves. When you go in to pay, use a disposable mask which you can toss if you’re not comfortable driving in the mask. It is best not to remove and re-use the mask.


If you are someone who had committed to moving before COVID-19, know that taking these extra steps might be a hassle, but taking the right precautions is for your benefit. Do your best to plan, pack, transport and unpack in a way that will reduce your risk and keep the members of your household safe. At the end of the day, your family’s safety is most important.

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