The Big No Nos: Tips On What Not To Do When Relocating

The Big No Nos: Tips On What Not To Do When Relocating
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    When it comes to relocating to a new suburb or to even a brand new city, the one thing that you can count on is endless advice on how to whittle down the cost, and how to relocate safely.


The problem is that most of the advice you receive is bound to be off the mark and completely worthless. But just to be safe, we have collated some of the “Do Not Do” tips and posted the same below for your ease of reference, so check them out.

  • Use old clothes for wrapping:

    This is dozy of advice and one that is regularly handed out by well meaning friends and loved ones. Often the suggestion is that you should wrap up your dishes, glasses and fragile items in old clothes and save up having to spend money on bubble wrap.

    The fact is that your furniture including your kitchenware and all the fragile items would be subject to severe stress when they are transported. And if you do not pack them up safely in bubble wrap to insulate them from the various bumps on the road, chances are that you would end up with quite a few breakages.

    Just search online for “Removalists, central coast” and that should help list some of the top packers and movers in your area. You can then sort through them and hire the right firm and get them to pack up all your stuff in bubble wrap, cardboard and help secure the same.

  • Use glue to seal your drawers:

    This is as bad as any advice can get; when you are relocating your desk and drawers, the best thing to do would be to dismantle them and pack each item separately.

    But the advice here is to keep the desk intact and use glue to seal the drawers. This won’t work for the simple reason that the glue won’t hold and it is going to result in your desk and drawers getting more than a few scratches in the relocation.

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  • Keep all your stuff in cupboard:

    When it comes to furniture removals in central cost, you would notice that the top reputable firms always prep an inventory of items that need to be transported and will provide you with an estimate only after the same. So if it is your bright idea to transport the cupboards and drawers intact with all your stuff in them, then you should know that is a recipe for breakages and damages.

    As mentioned earlier, your furniture and the rest of your belongings would be subject to a lot of stress when being transported. And that is why you need to empty the same, pack up your stuff separately well ahead of the move.

  • Book movers at last minute:

    This is more of an urban myth; the fact is that it is a bad idea to hire movers at the last minute. The logic behind this bad advice is that packers and movers would charge less if you hire them at the last minute. This seems inane since a firm would naturally charge more for hiring their services at the very last minute.

    So make sure that you sort through the various firms and choose the right one well in advance. You can get your various queries regarding the relocation, their pricing and other queries answered well before the move, so that you do not have to face the issue of inflated costs as well as anything else.

other valuable tips:
  • Pack your fragile items last:

    This is bad advice since it makes sense to pack your fragile items as well as other important items first. This can help you pack and relocate the important stuff first and in the process, ensure that they get packed and transported safely and securely.

These are some of the things that you should NOT do when contemplating relocation.

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