Tips On How To Pack For Storage And Moving

Tips On How To Pack For Storage And Moving
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    Getting ready to move out and to the new city?

    There’s a lot that you need to do before taking the final step out of your current home.


The main task is that of packing all your stuff safely, getting it into storage and then getting it transported safely. The daunting task of packing your home can leave you with a lot of questions, the first one being, ‘where do I start?’

There can be more than one answer to this question. But to help you out and make this worry go away, here are some tips to help you with your moving away situation.

1. Start With Least to Most Needed

If you have to start packing and storing away your things, get started with the least important things first. This would include things like all your decorative items, books from your bookshelf, clothes that you don’t need this season.

Decorative items would take a lot of time to pack because you have to be careful with them. You will probably need bubble wrap and soft packing material for most of them. You should also get packing with unnecessary furniture items that you don’t use on an everyday basis. Furniture items will also take time to pack so start with them too.

Things like your kitchen items, everyday clothes, linen, toiletries should be packed as you head closer to your moving date, because these are the items that you will need on a daily basis. As you get closer to your moving date, keep the stuff that you will need for few more days separately and you can carry them at the end moment.

2. Marking

It’s very important that you mark the boxes according to their components and the room that they are meant for. This will make it easy for the movers to store the boxes in the rooms that they are supposed to be unpacked in. Marking them according to their components will make it easy for you to unpack. Don’t forget to mark fragile on the boxes that contain delicate things which can break easily.

3. Storage Units

If you are storing your things for a few months or weeks in storage units, then make sure that you get temperature controlled storage units for your boxes. Certain items can get ruined if exposed to extreme temperatures. Make sure there is space for you to move around in the storage unit after you’ve stocked all your boxes. You don’t want to leave your things in a compact, tight spaced storage unit because that can ruin some of the delicate items. Put items that you will require the least in the back and the ones that you will require the most in the front.

4. Declutter

Doesn’t matter if you decluttered your closet just last month, it’s important that you declutter your entire home before getting down to packing and storing away your things before making the big move. You will always find some unnecessary things that you can do away with so make sure that you’ve sorted that out and are just taking those things with you, which you will actually use.

If you find yourself having a hard time throwing away stuff but don’t want to carry it with you to your new house either, donate it. If they are in good condition you can always donate them, or else give them away to someone you know who will use it.

other valuable tips:

5. Moving and Storage Companies

Do your research well regarding storage units and movers in your area so that you can get the best deal. You will need to check not only the prices of the moving companies but also check their reviews, their storage units, location and the deal that they’re offering. Check out multiple companies so that you can compare their deals and get the best one for you.


Moving to a new home or to a new city is a challenging task, one that requires lots of ideas, planning, thinking, research and finally precise execution of the move. You have to pack your entire home, store it, ensure a smooth move and upon reaching the destination, you have to unpack your boxes and set up your house too. With so much to do, it’s always better to begin early so that you’re not rushing to finish up things towards the end.

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