Moving Without Stress: 14 Tips to Make Your Move a Whole Lot Easier

Moving Without Stress: 14 Tips to Make Your Move a Whole Lot Easier


People dread moving for various reasons. Several things could go wrong. Having things break or get lost, for one thing, isn’t unheard of. Moreover, all the packing, organizing and, eventually, transporting of your possessions to your new home can be an overwhelming prospect.

But, don’t fret: there are ways to make your move an easier and more enjoyable experience. After all, moving usually means a change for the better, and with ample time and proper planning, you can simplify the moving process and remain calm and organized through it all. Check out these tips and tricks to make your moving day a whole lot easier and less stressful.

1. Prepare Early.

If you are moving into a new home, it is likely that you will have been given some leeway prior to your actual moving day. Unless you need to make an emergency move, chances are you will have at least 30 days to plan and prepare for D-day. Avoid last minute preparations so you don’t forget to pack anything of importance. It will also help to make up a countdown list on which to itemize the tasks you need to accomplish week-by-week, day-by-day.

moving calendar

If you organize a timetable and allocate enough time for every moving task, the less likely that you’ll need to do any last minute cramming.

2. Create a Timetable.

In everything we do, it’s always much too easy to put things off.  Procrastination is particularly common when it comes to moving. We tend to think that we’ve got all the time in the world and that it’ll be a breeze to get everything done – just put your stuff into moving cartons and crates, and that’ll take care of most of it.

But, you’ll soon discover that things aren’t quite as simple as that. You’ll actually need to plan out the days prior to moving day and allocate your time depending on how much you will need to pack/unpack in each room. Make allowances for delays here and there. There are bound to be many moments spent deliberating over what to keep and what to throw away. Moreover, be sure to also consider factors like work as your time may be limited if you still need to work during the day.

3. Strategically Pick Your Moving Day.

Moving at the end of the month could prove heavier on your pocketbook. This is because demand for movers typically spikes at this time as more renters lessees opt to end their rental contracts and turn over their dwelling spaces to their landlords. Moving companies may also quote higher rates for weekend moves, especially those which are long weekends on account of national holidays.

4. Pick the Right Vehicle.

You may well think, the bigger, the better -at least you’re sure to have more than enough space for all your things, right? Not necessarily so. A vehicle or truck that’s too big for your needs puts what you do own in danger of shifting, toppling over, getting knocked around or even incurring damage during transport.

If you are moving only a short distance, you may choose to load your items into a smaller vehicle and make more trips. But if you don’t own the vehicle and would like to save on costs, make sure you get just the right size of truck to transport all of your things in one go. Here’s a truck size guide based on home size:

  • 10-feet truck can fit contents of a small studio unit or one bedroom
  • 12 to 14-feet truck can fit contents of a house with one to two bedrooms
  • 16 to 17-feet truck can fit contents of a house with two to three bedrooms
  • 22 to 24-feet truck can fit contents of a house with three to four bedrooms
  • 26 to 27-feet truck can fit contents of a house with four or more bedrooms
moving truck

Your moving truck or vehicle shouldn’t be too small nor too big.

5. Take This Opportunity to Purge.

This is your chance to get rid of clutter and items that are no longer being used. You may consider holding a moving-out garage sale or donating some of your items to others who have use for them. You may also take them to recycling centers. If you only pack what you need and want to take to your new place, there will be less to pack and transport, which will make for an easier, faster and cheaper move.

6. Prepare a Packing Kit.

If you are enlisting the help of family and friends in packing, keep things organized by giving them what they need for the task at hand. Provide kits for your helpers, which should include inventory sheets, pens, markers, packing tape, newspaper, bubble wrap, and boxes.

7. Pack Together Stuff You Need to Open First Upon Arrival.

Pack together the things you will need right away when you get to your new place as you will likely be too tired to unpack much more than your most urgent necessities on the first day. This “open me first” box should include personal toiletries, medicines, bed sheets, blankets, pillows, towels and a set or two of clean clothing.

moving home


8. Don’t Forget Inventory.

You need to record everything you pack and transport. This is particularly necessary if you are hiring a moving company. This way, you will know if something goes missing.

9. Label Everything.

Label the sides of boxes to determine what they contain. You can specify what types of items are in there or for which rooms they’re bound. Also, indicate if the box should be handled with extra care. You may also consider using different-colored packing tape for every room.

10. Pack Stuff In Things You Also Need to Pack.

You can pack clothes in luggage and leave items inside dressers and drawers to minimize packing and unpacking. Just make sure you secure the doors and openings properly.

To make sorting and unpacking easier, you need to label all boxes, indicating what types of items are in them and for which rooms they are bound.

11. Don’t Make Boxes Too Heavy, But Make Efficient Use Of Space.

Put dense and heavy items in smaller boxes, so they will be more manageable to carry even when full. Meanwhile, you can fill empty spaces with packing materials so the items don’t move and shift. You may use towels, sheets and pillows, among other similarly light items, as fillers in lieu of packing materials.

12. Protect High-Value Belongings.

As much as possible, do not put valuables in the moving truck. You may even choose to leave these select  items with a trusted family member or a friend while you are busy with the move.

13. Choose Movers Carefully.

Before you hire a moving company, take the time to check out reviews to make sure they have good reputation. It’s also best if you can ask for recommendations from family and friends. Make sure the company is also insured.

14. Understand Your Moving Contract.

You need to know what your contract covers and entails. Pay particular attention to fees and payment schemes, so you won’t be caught by surprise by unexpected expenses on moving day.

Moving isn’t totally stress-free, but you can enjoy the process if you choose. Throughout the preparations,remain calm and confident that the people and moving company whose help you enlisted will not let you down. This should make the entire process of settling into your new home a breeze.

About the Author
David Underwood, founder and General Manager of Our Guys Around Town Movers (formerly known as 2GT, Inc.), has been in the moving business since 1986. He helps provide for the moving needs of families in Maryland, Virginia, the Greater Washington, DC area as well as long-distance national moves. Check out the company blog for updates from David!

Image Credit: Pixabay

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