4 Signs That Your Roof Desperately Needs Replacement

4 Signs That Your Roof Desperately Needs Replacement
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    Carrying out some preventative maintenance is going to help you avoid a wide variety of problems, but there will come a point when that area of your home needs to be replaced entirely.


That is why you should keep an eye out for any of the early warning signs that your roof might be nearing the end of its lifespan.

Daylight Through the Roof

Most experts agree that you should check the inside of your roof at least once every few months for any signs of cracks or pinholes. As the seasons change, all of the materials that your home was built with could expand or shift, and that might cause holes in the roof.

You can find those holes by heading into your attic when the sun is directly overhead to see if there is any visible sunlight. Of course, if you have much precipitation in your area, you’ll definitely see leaking through those holes as well.

Even if it seems like a small hole that can be easily patched, it’s likely a symptom of overall roof deterioration that you should not ignore.

Indoor Streaks and Stains

When you check for sunlight in the attic, you should also look for any signs of streaks or stains. That type of damage is typically caused by rain getting through the roof or high humidity levels in the attic, and it is a clear sign of a serious problem.

If the roof isn’t repaired or replaced right away, then that damage might begin to spread to other parts of your home and cause serious structural problems. When this happens, you’ll want to have the roof fully replaced down to the structural beams that hold it so you can make sure nothing has been damaged internally.

This is especially important for older homes where mold and pests may have already begun to settle into the frame of your home.

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Multiple Damaged Shingles and Tiles

A handful of damaged tiles or shingles might not be a big deal, but you should immediately contact a team of roofers if you notice that multiple pieces have become damaged in a short period of time. Those materials typically last for at least a few decades, but they might have a shorter lifespan if you live in an area that has high winds, high summer temperatures, or quite a few storms every year.

Of course, this doesn’t always mean you need a roof replacement immediately, but if you’re having to replace parts so frequently, you may want to look into a different roofing material altogether for a sturdier build.

Algae or Moss

When a roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, you might notice some distinct problems on the outside of your home. While moss is primarily a cosmetic problem, that type of debris can collect excess moisture, and that could eventually wreak havoc on your roof.

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Over time, that debris could result in structural rot that damages the joists and rafters. If there is moisture being trapped inside, you can bet that the structure of your home is in jeopardy.

Investing in a new roof can be a relatively large investment for a homeowner, but spending that money early on might be very beneficial. In addition to making your home safer, a new roof is also going to improve the appearance of your property and potentially lower your energy bills by a significant amount.

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