Do You Need HVAC AC Installation?

Do You Need HVAC AC Installation?
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    Are you tired of using AC units in your windows at home?

    Would you like to save money and cool off the entire house with a flick of a switch?

    You need to have a professional HVAC company come out and install your central air conditioning for you then!


But how hard is it to do it yourself and do you really need a professional to do it?

Seeing how much it costs to pay someone to do it may feel daunting at first, and doing it yourself may seem cheaper, however, it is, in fact, more dangerous to do it if you are not a trained professional. You need a certified professionally trained HVAC company to install your AC for you. If you install it yourself, you may end up doing more damage than good and ruin your AC unit permanently.

What Kind of Central Air Do I Need?

First, you need to choose the air conditioning unit you want to have installed. There are a few choices to choose from, and it is dependent on your needs and your location.

For many places in the United States, people use split air conditioning systems. What is a split system? Well, it has components inside the house and on the outside. Inside you will have parts that distribute the AC around your home.

On the outside of the split AC unit is what most people consider the air conditioning unit itself, which has all the other parts to help your unit run properly. You can also choose from a heat pump, packaged air conditioners, or a ductless mini-split instead of the split air conditioning if you prefer.

Heat Pump

A heat pump is a cooling and heating system (another split system) that cools your home in the summer and heats it up in the winter. There are two types of heat pumps, geothermal or air source. The air source heat pump will either take the heat from the air outside or release heat into the outside air, depending on whether it is heating or cooling.

On the other hand, geothermal heat pumps take the heat from the earth’s ground or it releases the heat into the ground, depending on if it is cooling the inside of your home or heating it up. It is a bit cheaper to use a heat pump compared to the other AC unit options for central air and heating. This is because it is an all in one, supplying heat and cool air for your home without the need for a furnace or other types of air conditioning. For more information on heat pumps, visit here.

Packaged AC or Ductless Mini Split?

A packaged AC unit usually is seen on the roof of a home and it uses electrical air conditioning along with a heat pump. They have easier installation compared to the others and are smaller, however, they are usually only used for businesses instead of family houses. A ductless mini-split does not use ducts to cool off your home or business, unlike all the other options.

look for: ductless mini split AClook for: portable ac unit

They also may have a heat pump or an outdoor AC unit which is connected to air handlers that release the cool air into your home. These are the most energy-efficient due to the ability to have great control over where the air goes. This allows you to control the temperature in each room that has an air handler, which is good for having different temperatures depending on the room. To learn more about ductless mini-split systems, visit

How Do I Choose the Right Central AC Distribution System?

If your home or business does not have any ducts ready for AC distribution, then your best option would be a ductless mini-split system. This is because any other system requires the use of ducts, which means an extra cost and more space is needed for the new ducts that would have to be installed. If your home does, in fact, have ducts for AC, you may want to check them out first if they have been not used for a while.

This is important because if the ducts have wear and tear or leaks in them, they will need to be repaired or replaced. This can cost even more money, so make sure they get looked at first before you choose your AC system. Have a professional HVAC company look at these, they will be able to determine if you will need new ones or if the existing ones need repairing.

look for: large oscillating fanlook for: ceiling fan

You can choose add-ons for your AC system as well, depending on the quality of air in your home. You may want an air purifier installed along with the AC unit or you can have a dehumidifier that works with the air conditioning system you choose, so the air in your home will be cleaner and more breathable.

How Do I Find the Right HVAC Installation Company?

The first step for finding the HVAC company that will work for you is to do a search online or ask your friends and family for suggestions. Research a few different companies, compare their websites’ information with each other and get quotes for what you want to have done. Once all the companies you are considering have given you an estimate each for your installation, make sure you read reviews on these companies as well.

other valuable tips:

The cheapest company is not always the best one to choose from. They may be cheaper for a reason, so definitely investigate reviews and feedback others have given online. If they have multiple instances of negative feedback, it may be best to avoid that company. If there are only a couple of negative reviews (or none), then you may want to compare those companies by their price and options.

It may also be a good idea to see availability for these places too. If they are flexible and at the right price with great reviews, you will want to choose that company for your AC installation needs. You always need to shop around first and never settle on the first company you find. Get more information and find the right company that will work for you.

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