Too Hot? Too Cold? How to Keep Your Home Temperature Just Right

Too Hot? Too Cold? How to Keep Your Home Temperature Just Right
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    Goldilocks had to try three different bowls of porridge before she found one that wasn't too hot or too cold.


If the rooms in your home are like the three bears’ cottage, it can seem impossible to achieve a temperature that’s just right. Learn how to be like Goldilocks and stop the freeze and thaw cycle once and for all with these four tips.

Keep Your Home Insulated

Insulation is your home’s first line of defense against temperature changes. It’s what keeps the heated or air-conditioned air inside from escaping and the outside air from getting in.

Fiberglass and spray foam insulation applied to attics, basements and between walls can make a big difference in your home’s comfort level. You can also prevent cold feet by insulating your floor with special padding installed beneath the carpet, wood or tiles.

Use a Smart Thermostat

A traditional thermostat lets you adjust the temperature and not much else. A smart thermostat, on the other hand, can learn how hot or cold you like to keep your home and set itself. Some models can even sense whether you’re home or not and adjust accordingly.

Because installing this high-tech device can be finicky, consider calling an ac system installation professional to get yours up and running. You can also have a maintenance check done on your existing system to find out if your older model is causing any problems in your heating or cooling, such as how some can overheat when they get too old.

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Close Off Rooms

Controlling the flow of air from room to room is important when you’re relying on window units, space heaters, fireplaces and other single-room devices to maintain your home’s temperature. Keep doors closed to rooms that aren’t being used and install draft stoppers and weather stripping to prevent air from leaking around the edges.

Even if you have a central heating unit, you’ll find that different rooms vary vastly in temperature despite what the thermostat says. In these cases, you’ll also want to save energy by closing the ducts and the doors to the rooms you’re not using so you’re not keeping an empty room toasty all winter.

Keep Your Ducts Clean

You might have all your ducks in a row, but what about your ducts? Dirty ductwork is a common cause of temperature variations between rooms. When a duct is clogged, the hot or cold air from your HVAC can’t disseminate evenly. This leaves hot and cold spots around your home.

If a duct is blocked near the entrance to a room, you might notice that room feels like it isn’t being heated or cooled at all. This is especially a problem for those rooms that are furthest from the central heating source, as they are the last to get the hot air anyway. You can have your ducts cleaned by a professional, though regular cleaning of the ventilation grates is also important for proper, clean air flow.

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Keeping your home at just the right temperature is more than just comfort. Effectively controlling the indoor climate is also a great way to save money on your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint. Steps like installing insulation and cleaning your ducts make your heating and air conditioning run more efficiently and use less energy.

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