Dressing Up Your Yard with These 6 Landscaping Features

Dressing Up Your Yard with These 6 Landscaping Features
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    Homes that include a nice lawn for outdoor activities in good weather offer extra seasonal enjoyment.


To optimize your outdoor area, consider adding these exciting landscaping features.


Your yard should have some way to easily cross it without damaging the vegetation. Walkways and paths are idea for high traffic areas.

Brick, concrete, or woodchip walks around your home or across the lawn provide mud-free access to various points of interest.

Some walkways are easy to install yourself using brick pavers or woodchips. Others are worth the investment to hire help make your lawn more attractive and enjoyable.


Natural borders can be made of shrubs and hedges. You can use them to delineate the line between your property and your neighbors’, or you can use them to divide different parts of your property, like the front and back yards.

Borders can be enhanced with seasonal blooms or wildflowers for added color and variety.


Decorative fencing comes in many styles and materials, including vinyl and wood. You may want to fence in all of your lawn or just add a boundary fence. A fence can be adorned with hanging baskets of flowers or creeping vines; it may also be edged with ground growth like ivy or mulched with floral accents.

Trees and Shrubs

Add dimension to your property by adding some taller elements as well. Small trees look great at pivotal points in your lawn, such as the corners of the front lawn, lining the driveway, or at the center of the back yard.

A deciduous tree in the front yard can offer shade for old fashioned summertime relaxation under its leaves. Flowering shrubs like a lilac bush or plain green shrubbery such as boxwoods may enhance the front, sides, or back of your home.

look for: live shrubslook for: live trees outdoor

Flower or Vegetable Gardens

Garden care offers the chance to spend time outdoors during three seasons of the year for planting, nurturing, and clearing a floral garden or harvesting a vegetable patch.

Flower gardens require patience and care, but the final product is beautiful. You can leave your blooms in your garden or periodically cut some to create beautiful bouquets for your home. Whether indoors or outdoors, flowers can provide a splash of color and elegance.

Many vegetables produce blossoms before the fruit arrives, adding spots of color in your gardened areas. Growing zucchini, tomatoes, and green peppers can save you money as well as provide fresh produce instead of the store-bought variety. Guests will likely be interested in seeing your garden and enjoying the fruits—or vegetables—of your labors.

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You can install alternate types of lighting to highlight your lawn all year round. In good weather, hang small white or yellow lights around your patio for night-time entertainment.

During the fall, display your scary Halloween-lit decorations. At Christmas, you can decorate the porch, trees, and yard with your choice of holiday decorations that light up from within or on which you can focus a spotlight.

Colorful lights can also be strung from the trees. Year round, you should have ground lights help to illuminate the walkways.

These are some of the ways you can enhance your lawn to make the grounds more appealing and usable. Adorn your outdoor area with accents like these to get the most from your property.

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