A Place for Yourself: 6 Ways to Ensure Your Home’s Privacy

A Place for Yourself: 6 Ways to Ensure Your Home’s Privacy
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    As a homeowner, it can be challenging to enjoy your personal space without the feeling that other people are watching you.


Any home can be a target for unwelcome eyes peering into your personal space, and that can be unnerving and even dangerous. However, there are many ways to create privacy from those outside your home, whether you own a tiny house in the wilderness or a mansion in Beverly Hills.


Fences are a simple and effective way to distance yourself from unwelcome peering. While you don’t have to have a tall fence completely surrounding your property, you might feel that a tall fence will be best for your needs. Another way to make it difficult for people to see into your home is to make the fence slightly further from the building. This will increase the effectiveness of any height of fence.

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When building the fence, you’ll have to consider the materials, height, and costs before you start building. If your fence hits a property line, the input from your neighbor should be taken into consideration.

Get Planting

Plants are a great option if fencing is too reclusive or out of your budget. The greenery will also look more natural and less intimidating than walls or fences, while defining the border of your property and keeping people away from the home. Evergreens are an excellent option because of their year-round foliage, but you will have to select plants that are compatible with your climate. You can use trees with larger canopies to screen two-story homes.


Motorized shutters are simple to use and maintain, and they quickly enhance the level of security to your home. They’re also versatile, because you leave them up when you don’t need them but then lower them at the push of a button when you want to add security.

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Security Cameras

The sight of security cameras will deter most intruders and trespassers. The live footage, which you can often access on your laptop or smart phone, can help you identify any unwelcome visitors that are snooping around your home even when you’re not home. Because many security systems can connect to your phone, it is easier for you to be proactive.

Install a Shed

Sheds are excellent for blocking noise and keeping away wondering eyes while you’re working. It’s also a worthy investment to store and protect expensive home items like power tools. If you have some craftsmanship, you can find plastic or vinyl sheds that are relatively easy to assemble, or you can go all out and build one from scratch.

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Become a Dog Owner

A frightening dog is sure to keep attention off of your home. Fido will bark at the sound or sight of anything unfamiliar. Man’s best friend, coupled with an alarm system, will heighten your layers of security. You can hang a “beware of dog” sign if getting a dog is not an option for you. Many intruders will avoid the property on the chance that there is a dog.

These added privacy options will make your life a lot more peaceful. Get to know your neighbors to determine what is useful. Monitor your property line for any potential threats or weaknesses.

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