These 6 Types of Fountains Looks Best for Small Gardens

These 6 Types of Fountains Looks Best for Small Gardens
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    Many people like to install fountains in their garden. Fountains can increase the aesthetic appeal of any garden.


Some people use them as a focal point in their front yard. There are a variety of fountains available in the markets. If you visit ten gardens, you may find a different fountain in every yard.

However, every type of fountain is not suitable for small gardens. You need to install the right type and design of the fountain to improve the look of your yard.

Let us check out some of the best types of fountains for small gardens.

Sprouting Fountains

The sprouting fountains are the ones that shoot up a stream of water to create a striking effect. You might have seen these types of fountains in parks and historical gardens.

However, every sprouting fountain is not suitable for a small garden. Usually, sprouting fountains are large and suitable for large gardens.

You need to buy the right size of a fountain for your garden according to the space available for installation.

Wall Fountain

Wall fountains are excellent for installing a water feature in a small garden. They are the opposite of the sprouting fountain. While the sprouting fountains shoot up a stream of water, the wall fountain spills water from a small spout and falls on a textured wall. The water flows down the wall to the bottom and circulates back to the top with a pump.

Theme Fountain

There are many themes of fountains that you can install, depending on the theme of your garden. For example, you can install a classical-style statue fountain in a garden with a rustic cottage theme. In the case of a contemporary garden theme, you can try something more adventurous and unique. You can choose a themed fountain that suits most of the design of your garden.

wall fountainstier fountain

Tiered Fountain

If you want a fountain with multiple levels of water, you should look for a tiered fountain. Also, known as cascading fountains, they can increase the visual appeal of your yard. When used as a focal point, they attract the attention of guests and visitors. There is a wide range of tiered fountains available in markets such as decorative pots and those with LED lights and flat panels for tiers.

Japanese Fountain

If you want to spend time in your small garden in the evenings, you can look to install a Japanese fountain. These fountains consist of a bamboo stick, and water flows through them and enters a rustic bucket or stone at the bottom. The water circulates with the help of a pump can the cycle repeats until you turn off the pump.

Glass Fountain

If you want to offer an ultra-modern look to your garden, you can try installing a glass fountain. There are a variety of glass fountains featuring metalwork to provide a more traditional appeal. If you have a garden with sharp edges, and design, you can try installing a glass fountain in it. The glass sheets look fantastic as the water flows down on them. You can also choose the fountains with LED lights that changes the color of water flowing down the glass to create a colorful lighting effect.

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Final Words

These are some types of fountains for small gardens. However, to use any of these fountains in your yard, you need to create a drainage system as circulating the same water for long can lead to the development of bacteria and pests.

The stormwater drainage Belmont helps you to expel the access water in your garden to the sewage system. The types of fountains in this post can help the garden owners to improve the value and visual appeal of their yard.

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