Boost Fire Safety at Your Home

Boost Fire Safety at Your Home
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    Did you know that around 100 people die in fire-related accidents in Australia every year? 3000 of them get seriously injured.

    Moreover, managing fire hazards cost Australia around 1.3 % of their GDP in 2005.


These are all the results of a research conducted from 2004 to 2014. and published in World Fire Statistics Bulletin in October 2015. These numbers are worrying and if you do not want you and your family to be a horrible statistic, you should do everything that is in your power to prevent that from happening.

There are simple things you can do around your home to make it safer from the fire.

Have the Alarms Installed Everywhere

You need to have fire alarms everywhere around your home, especially in places that are more likely to be the place where the fire starts. Also, they need to be around places that you do not visit that often, because you would not be able to spot the fire on your own, in time. This means that a fire alarm is necessary in your kitchen, garage, living and dining rooms and places where your heating and AC systems are.

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Make a Good and Efficient Evacuation Plan

Every household needs to have a good evacuation plan. You need to know where to go and how to move around your house if a fire starts. You need to teach your children how to get out, stay out and call for help. Also, they need to remember the shortest and the safest way to escape the house in case of fire. Your evacuation plan needs to include all the fire extinguishers around your home. Their number and position will depend on the size and the layout of your home.

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Talk to Your Family and Organize a Drill

Once you’ve made a good plan, you need to test it. The recommendation is to have a fire drill with your family twice a year. This is absolutely essential, since panic can get a hold of some of your family members, and it can save their lives if they already know what to do in advance and they practiced it before. While doing a fire drill, make sure that all of you practice the escape on all fours. A heavy smoke will fill the corridors in the case of fire and that will be the most probable way of moving around.

Do not Overburden Your Electrical Grid

A lot of fires start because of the electricity and overburdened grids. You need to make sure that you never use extension cords to plug in any heating and AC devices. Also, never leave any of the appliances on, while there is nobody home to watch them. Make sure that you do not plug in too many appliances on a single electricity branch, because a short circuit can occur and that is how the fires start.

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Mindfully Store Chemicals in Your Shed

Did you know that flour can cause explosions and set itself on fire if stored in large quantities and stored improperly? A lot of chemicals and other materials can cause fire or damage the electrical installations enough for them to start a fire. Therefore, always make sure to know how and where to properly store your stuff.

Also, do not hesitate to ask for help from fire safety services. They can give you tips and ideas on how to protect your home taking into account your actual house and its specifics.

Home Safety Tips : How to Choose the Best Locations to Install Fire Extinguishers:

Make Sure Everybody Knows Whom to Call in Case of Emergency

You should have the most important emergency numbers next to your phone. Fear and panic in the case of fire can make you forget such things, even though you may be under the impression that you know them well. Fire is not a joke and even if there are no fatalities the injuries sustained in a fire are very hard to cure and they frequently leave permanent marks. Therefore, sacrifice your ‘cool factor’ in the name of safety and make sure you and your family have all the precautionary measures in store and that your drills are regular and in time.

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