4 Things Your Front Door is Telling Visitors

4 Things Your Front Door is Telling Visitors
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    When you pull up in front of someone's home, what's the first thing to you notice?

    For some, it's a well-manicured lawn. For others, it's the front door.


While your visitors wait to be let in, they can learn a lot about you and your family just from the state of your front door. If your door is in good condition, this gives your visitors a great impression of your home. Unfortunately, if your front door has seen better days, even if your home’s interior is to die for, you might be sending the wrong message for the world to see.

Here are four elements that—subconsciously or not—your visitors consider when looking at your front door.


If your front door is a bright, lively color, it immediately shows your visitors how personable you are. Energetic and outgoing people are more likely to choose colorful front doors, but having doors that are stained with rich colors lets visitors know you have refined tastes.

If you’re sitting on the fence about colors, keep in mind that bold colors usually last longer than light-colored front doors that will need repainted more often.

Dark wood doors will also need upkeep. In both cases, the frequency usually depends on the quality of materials and the amount of sun exposure.

Remember to choose a color you love rather than a trendy color that will be out of style in a year’s time. If you’re only trying to keep up with trends, you’ll have to repaint frequently.


The overall design of your front door also can say a lot without ever uttering a word. Doors with stain glass or other decorative features let visitors know you are playful and creative. The design of your door says a lot too. Flat, basic doors are boring and imply that the family inside is boring too.

Alternatively, paneled doors can be creative and are more interesting, adding a little depth to the front of your home. Glass inserts are an elegant addition to your front door, and stained glass adds a little extra creativity to that elegance. Double doors, another popular choice among homeowners, implies both that you are welcoming and that you love spacious areas your home is likely to be full of.


A new door in good repair is attractive to visitors, and it can also affect your home security. It stands of a symbol of strength and lets potential burglars know that getting inside won’t be easy. On the other hand, if your front door is in disrepair, it could be an open invitation to would-be thieves.

Unfortunately, doors in need of repair can signal that other potential entry points are also easy access. To secure your home, you may want to consider new door installation in NJ and in other areas.

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Your front door bears a beating high amounts of traffic and from each storm. Dirt and grime can settle on the door without your noticing and can affect the look of your door. Also, especially if you have kids, your door can pick up a lot of scuffs along the bottom of the door.

Make sure that your take time to wash your front door and clean off any marks. If the scuffs won’t come off, you may want to repaint the door. Also, polish the hardware on your door or, if it’s old, swap it out for newer, more stylish pieces.

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It only takes a second for someone to make their first impression. Whether you’re welcoming visitors or trying to sell your home, your front door needs to make a good first impression.

If it’s worn out, faded or in need of repair, people might be hesitant to come inside. On the other hand, front doors that are in good repair are an example of what the rest of your home is like. If your front door is unflattering, a fresh coat of paint, easy repairs, or a replacement can tell your visitors a whole new story.

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