Entry Door Replacement: A Basic Guide for Homeowners

Entry Door Replacement: A Basic Guide for Homeowners
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    Entry doors play an important and versatile role in every home.

    Not only do they welcome your guests and add to the general appeal of the entire structure, they provide you and your family with adequate protection against “unwanted guests” and strangers.


However, like any other part of the home, entry doors are bound to eventually give in to normal wear and tear or, if not, to the damage wrought by storms or other weather disturbances. When this happens, you’ll need to have the doors replaced. However, you need to be equipped with adequate knowledge before getting started.

In this article, we’ll discuss when you need to replace an entry door, what type of replacement door to source and the best way to have these types of doors replaced.

entry door

Replacing an old entry door can improve your home’s curb appeal and make it look more modern.

Does Your Entry Door Need to Be Replaced?

Entry doors may be heavily used, but they seldom need to be replaced, especially high-quality ones. Nevertheless, even the best ones will eventually need to retire due for one reason or another. The question is, when do you need to replace your entry doors? Take a good look at your entry door, and ask yourself these questions to find out.

  • Do the mechanisms of the entry door pose endless problems?

    Have you been frequently struggling to open or close your door? If so, there’s a good chance that the mechanisms, such as the hinges, have developed a problem. In some cases, the hinges can be replaced, but if the actual door or jamb has been damaged, then you should consider replacing the entire door.

  • Has the door started to show its age?

    Wooden, antique doors are quite valuable, but that’s only if they are still in good condition. If your entry doors are showing signs of aging, such as rot, scrapes, dents or cracks, then it’s time that you begin searching for a suitable replacement.

entry door replacement

If your entry door has more than one broken or problematic mechanism, it’s high time you consider replacing it.

  • Does your door have broken fixtures?

    Many entry doors have glass panels and other fixtures that can’t be replaced easily. If those fixtures are broken and you’re having trouble finding a replacement, it’s best to replace the entire door.

  • Is your door no longer providing adequate insulation?

    Homes that require adequate insulation often rely on the entry door to keep warm or cold weather from entering the home. If your entry doors no longer provide adequate insulation, then you’ll not only be feeling miserable inside, but you’ll also be spending too much money on heating or cooling costs.

  • Are your entry doors outdated?

    If your doors have been around for the past two decades, then there’s a good chance that they are a bit outdated. It’s about time you have them replaced. Doing so will also give you a chance to keep your home in line with the current trends.

What Type of Entry Doors Should You Buy?

entry door

When choosing a new entry door, make sure that it matches your home’s architectural style and other exterior elements.

A simple search on the internet for entry doors will reveal countless designs, types and sizes. How do you know which ones are best for your home? Unfortunately, this can be a bit difficult as you would need to tap into your creative self.

  1. First, make sure that you’re looking for the right-sized doors. Measure your doors so you can limit your search to doors with similar sizes.
  2. You’ll then need to understand the architectural design of your home. The mixing of architectural designs often doesn’t end well, so it’s easier to purchase a door that matches the design of your home.
  3. If your home requires adequate insulation, limit your search for doors that are designed to insulate the home.
  4. As much as possible, look for entry doors that don’t require finishing. Some doors may require an additional coat of varnish or paint. Such jobs can cost you quite a bit in skilled labor, so it will be more economical to find doors that just need to be installed.
  5. Last, but certainly not the least, search for doors that can provide you with sufficient protection. If your home is fitted with smart technologies, then make sure that the doors you look for can accommodate such technologies.

The sheer number of entry door choices available in the market can be overwhelming. However, if you limit your search to the type of doors you need, then there’s a good chance that the number of door types left to pick from will be much more manageable.

entry door replacement

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How to Find a Reliable Installer

While you can contact your neighborhood handyman or maybe even try to install the doors yourself, quality installation won’t be guaranteed. You should consider that your new doors probably cost you a fair bit of money, so you’ll want to ensure that your doors last as long as possible. To do so, you’ll need to find a reliable installer.

Finding an installer shouldn’t be too difficult. A simple Google search should introduce you to a number of companies in your area. Unfortunately, not all of them will be reliable. Here are a few tips to find the most reliable door installer in your vicinity.

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  1. Only search for installers with a local address. If the installer is local, you shouldn’t have any trouble filing a complaint if needed and having your warranty honored.
  2. Only deal with installers that have the necessary permits and licenses to operate. Installers with licenses and permits have proven skills to perform their trade. If they don’t have such permits, then you should be a bit worried and find another installer.
  3. As much as possible, deal with an installer that can provide you with recommendations from their previous customers. If an installer can provide you with a list of references, then there’s a good chance that they’ve been in business a while and are already trusted in your area.

With the right product and entry door replacement contractor, you can definitely improve your home’s security and appearance while ensuring that your investment is put to good use.

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