The Best Finch Feeders

The Best Finch Feeders
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    Lots of people find it beneficial to watch nature in their free time.

    Bird feeding is one of the most satisfying past times that most homeowners enjoy.


Therefore, they get bird feeders to bring nature into their backyards or gardens. Some want to watch the colorful and little backyard birds called finches. Read more about finches in this link.

Finches come in many colors including orange, red, gold, and yellow. They are one of the most sought-after species because they can give the backyard a colorful vibe. If you are one of the people who want to attract finches, you may want to know more information about them.

What They Feed On

These birds have an uncanny ability to cling on feeders while eating. They can even eat upside down. Most of them love a mix of seeds. Finches can’t resist thistles because it is a great source of energy. It is high in oil and the small kernels are perfect for finches. However, once the thistles lose their oiliness, then these little winged species may lose its attraction to the food. This is why the thistles should be stored inside an airtight container.

Here are some of the styles that you can choose from when choosing feeders.

  • Upside Down Tube

    Upside down tubes are perfect for goldfinch varieties. These species eat upside down with no problems. The perch is positioned at the port’s top and it is unlike a regular tube where the perch is placed under the port. These are specially designed for birds that will only eat when they are upside down.

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    Some benefits of bird feeding with upside down species is that those birds that didn’t have enough food can exclusively feed on your backyard.

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  • Mesh

    The mesh is designed for clinging birds. The surfaces are all combined in one big port. The mesh feeder is designed for any birds to pull any seeds that they desire anywhere on the tube. Most finches will prefer something where they can cling anywhere instead of crowing on a single feeding point with other birds. The diamond opening and the metals keep the seeds from falling.

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  • 2-in-1 Tube

    There are a few ports with lots of functionalities such as the 2-in-1 tube. These can make you give the birds two or more kinds of seeds whenever you want. The tube will let you offer thistle today, sunflower seeds the next day, and any other kinds of seeds the next week.

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    There is a port where the seeds are located. All you have to do is to change it from the small slit to the large slit opening and you are good to go. Many homeowners find this very flexible and convenient.

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  • Hanging Tube Feeder

    This features bright caps to attract birds to your backyard. Many finches can feed on the feeder at once because it can accommodate several seed ports at the same time. The tube empties downwards and it can be hanged using a wire that is pole mounted. There are drainage holes that prevent moisture from building inside. This means that the bacteria and mold won’t have a chance to accumulate with the seeds.

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    Know about this feeder on sites such as

  • Rotating Ports

    These ports have lots of advantages. The rotating ports will give you the option to choose where you want to position the perch. You can put the perch under the ports and provide thistle seeds to all the birds interested in feeding. You can also put the perch on top so that only birds who feed upside down will be able to eat the thistles.

other valuable tips:

Tips in Looking for the Right Feeder

To make life easier for you and the birds, you should look for something easy to clean. You should choose a feeder with versatility and which you can hang anywhere. You want something that has perches so that the birds can be at peace with feeding. The small holes can attract small birds while the larger holes are for other kinds of large bird species.

The feeder should hold at least 2 pounds of bird seeds and thistles so that you won’t need to restock often. The removable bottom portion that provides access to easy cleaning may need additional support. Bird watching is a very relaxing pastime. You can attract lots of finches, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, and other colorful birds in your backyard if you know how to look for the right feeder.

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