Bird Watching: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Bird Watching: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners
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    How does a duck teach its kids to swim?

    Which bird sings in the middle of the night?

    How does a sparrow feed its babies?


These are some intriguing questions, the answers to which can only be found through two ways –online bird watching guide or bird watching. While the former is the quickest way of knowing everything about birds and bird behavior, learning the same by sight, is a wonderful experience that adds a personal touch to the activity.

Though it is a low impact activity, bird watching aids in fostering patience and enhancing concentration in individuals. Moreover, it is something that both sporty people as well the not-so-active ones can pursue.

New to the club of bird watchers? The biggest question that might be bothering you would be when and where to begin bird watching. It is therefore, a good idea, to read a bird watching guide before you begin with your new-found hobby. It will not only help you figure out where to find birds, but will also give you details on bird behavior and identifying bird types.

Some basic bird watching tips are as follows:

  1. Maintain sufficient distance from birds while watching them; as far as possible, do not make them feel your presence.
  2. To avoid trampling on their nests or other fragile habitats, you must be extremely cautious about where you step.
  3. Generally, you will find perching birds two hours post sunrise and an hour after sun-set.
  4. While bird watching, wear clothes that can easily camouflage with the flora and fauna.
  5. Avoid talking loudly.
  6. Do not chase the birds.
  7. In case you are in a group, you should stick together.

Now that you know how you must behave around birds, you should also know how birds of different species behave. Bird behavior is concerned with things like how and when birds breed, what kind of environment do they gel well in etc. For example, a certain species of birds sings during the night. Mobbing is also an interesting characteristic of bird behavior. Learning these things will help you in gaining better insights with regard to bird watching.

Having familiarized yourself with bird watching etiquette, it’s time to assemble things that would be required for bird watching. Thankfully, you do not require too many things to pursue this activity. Some basic things that you will need are a field guide, a pair of binoculars (and lots of patience). A first-aid kit can be carried to places where there is risk of tripping and bruising. Sunglasses and a good pair of shoes will also add to the comfort.

Fall is the best time to go bird watching unless you await some specific kind of species that shows up only during summers. Since birds do not spend their entire day on the branch or in wooden birdhouses, you will have to be lucky enough to be living near a bird sanctuary. Otherwise, the only option you will have is to travel to the place where bird species can be found in abundance.

To enhance your bird watching experience, you must buy quality binoculars. Another thing to keep in mind is that the field guide that you are referring should talk about the local birds that you are planning to go watching. Otherwise, you will end up confused and disappointed with the experience.

For those who wish to stay at home at watch adorable birds, My Spy birdhouses or window birdhouses are the best way to pursue this activity. The intelligent architecture of these birdhouses allows people to peek into the nests of tiny birds and see how they create a nest, lay eggs and nest their babies.

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