5 Tips to Renovating a Shed

5 Tips to Renovating a Shed
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    It may have occurred to you that your shed could serve a better purpose than simply a place to store tools and garden supplies.

    Depending on your budget and the available space, it's possible to repurpose your shed into anything from a productive workshop to a comfortable retreat.


Here are five tips for renovating your old shed.

  • Functionality

    The first step is determining what to do with your shed. If you have or can run power and water lines to the shed, your potential is almost limitless. A TV, old sofa, and a small refrigerator could transform it into your own cozy retreat. You could add a small bathroom, insulation, windows, and AC units, extend the roof and walls, add a proper floor, or any elements you want to meet your needs.

  • Design

    The two most important things to consider are dimensions and materials. Determine how much space you can use without your shed actually being in the way of outdoor activities. You may want something that’s visually appealing or simply functional. You could purchase a pre-fabricated shed or build one to your own specifications from wood and paint or cover it as you like. Don’t overlook options for doors, drainage, roofing, locks and hardware, and interior shelves or partitions.

  • Location

    You always have the alternative of moving your shed. If you’ve repurposed it as additional living space, you may want it closer to the house for easier access in all weather.

    If it’s still primarily for utility, you may want to move it close to the garden, or move the garden. Note where most of your traffic patterns are, and try to make shed location convenient rather than obtrusive.

  • Costs

    Before you even start work, you’ll want to calculate the costs of your proposed renovation plan. A pre-fab metal shed can cost hundreds or thousands. Basic wooden beams, planks, shingles, or plywood can add up to a large investment and multiple trips to the hardware store. Think about whether renovation will add to or detract from the future value of your property. Also, consider the effect on insurance, taxes, and any required building permits.

  • Resources

    While you’re calculating costs, estimate the time it will take to effect the renovation. Will it mean exposing your stored items to the elements, or moving them until the job is finished? Do you have the necessary tools and skills that will be needed? You might want to consider asking help from friends, or hiring professionals for things like wiring and plumbing.

    Depending on the size and scope of the project, renovating a shed can turn into quite a chore. Be sure your plans allow you to get the most value from your renovated shed without breaking your budget.

    Contact a company like Just Sheds if you have questions or concerns.

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