How to Enjoy a Garden Pond

How to Enjoy a Garden Pond
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    A garden pond can turn your backyard into a veritable nature resort by creating an inviting habitat for wildlife including butterflies, frogs and even deer.

    Enjoy watching birds stop by to bathe and perch at the water’s edge. Fill your pond with fish, turtles and beautiful water plants for added interest.


The naturally relaxing sound of water spilling over a waterfall or lapping at the pond edge will make a comfortable seating area by the pond a favorite spot for the whole family and make your yard the talk of the neighborhood.

A garden pond is an investment that’s sure to pay off by raising your home value and providing years of enjoyment.

Selecting a Location

When selecting a location for your pond look for a nice sunny spot that is close enough to your home to enjoy year round. Don’t place the pond in an area where runoff rain water can pollute it. Before digging always contact your utility companies to identify any underground cables and be sure there is a power supply near enough to power a pump and lighting.

Building a Pond

One of the simplest ways to create a garden pond is using one of the many kits that are available on the market. These include either a flexible plastic liner or a hard fiberglass liner. Both are easy to maintain and are the perfect foundation for your garden pond.  

Once you’ve purchased a kit and selected a location, simply follow the kit instructions for digging the pond hole, adding the liner and filling your pond with water. Add some natural stones around the edge and some low plants to blend the pond into your yard and hide the liner edge.

Adding a Pump

The heart of any garden pond is the pump. Without one, your pond water will stagnate and become murky, smelly and mosquito infested. Select from fountain, pond and sump pumps to circulate the water in your pond. This will keep the water moving and aerate it to provide oxygen for fish. A waterfall will also require a pump.

Add lighting and water features

You can greatly improve the appeal of your pond by adding lighting for nighttime enjoyment. There are a number of lighting options from submersible to floating lights that will add drama to your pond.

A fantastic waterfall is the focal point of any garden pond. They are also a great way to showcase your personality. Choose from dramatically high, crashing waterfalls or lower, soothing waterfalls that create only a gentle trickling sound.

Stock the Pond

Frogs, birds and butterflies are sure to find your pond on their own, but be sure to add fish, turtles and aquatic plants. Research the best pond animals and plants for your area so you can enjoy them for years to come.


Don’t forget to add some comfortable chairs by the side of the pond so you can unwind to the relaxing sound of water and beauty of nature, all in your own backyard.

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