How to Choose Doors for the Interior of Your Home

How to Choose Doors for the Interior of Your Home
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    First impressions are everything — and when you have guests over, one of the first details they will notice are your doors.


Your interior doors tell a lot about your space in terms of character and flow—it’s important that you choose the right doors, so your overall theme does not clash. There are endless possibilities in choosing the design, materials, and style of your interior doors—which can feel overwhelming. Trends constantly change and designers are finding new and innovative ways to install and display doors all the time.

Bringing the right ambience to your home based on your individual style should be a top priority in renovating, and your interior doors play a very critical role. But, it’s also great to consider your budget, your specific needs, and the layout of your home. We have compiled some of our best tips on how to choose the right doors for the interior of your home.

Consider Your Theme

An interior door does more for your home than just leading you through each room in the house. Your doors add style and chic to your space—and they should match your current trim, flooring, and your furnishings. Let’s look at some examples of different styles of doors to help you figure out which better suits the theme of your home.

  • French Style Doors –

    One of the most desired styles of doors—these French doors are the epitome of interior beauty and class. If you are looking for an extra architectural elegance to match your French Provincial or contemporary furnishings and trim, these doors will look lovely in your space. These doors were designed to allow light to come through as well as add beauty and sophistication to your home.

  • view: french doors

  • Contemporary Style Doors –

    Also known as modern — this style door is more practical and innovative than anything else. They work well in modern style houses with a basic and minimalistic composition. Consisting of very clean and uncomplicated lines—these interior doors will enhance the look of your home instantly.

  • view: contemporary styles

  • Dutch Style Doors –

    These style doors offer a very unique and sometimes colonial look to your home. These doors sometimes have a very decorative pattern glass on the top of the door, making them aesthetic and visually appealing. Dutch doors are divided horizontally so that the top half of the door can be opened while the bottom remains shut.

  • view: dutch styles

  • Barn Style Doors –

    A very popular trend in doors—these doors are perfect if you’re going for a farmhouse or country style interior design. They are installed into a hardware track and then can be slid open or shut. They offer an innovative and classic country design.

  • view: barn doors

Think Through Material Options

When you think of doors, the first thought most people have is wood. The truth is, however, there are many different materials of doors to go through and decide on. The material of your doors plays a significant role in style, sound, durability, and much more. Let’s go through some of the different material options you’ll have when it comes to your interior doors.

solid woodinterior panel doorsMDF doorsshower glass doors

  • Solid Wood Doors –

    If you are looking for a warm and inviting look—something classic in appearance, you might just go with the traditional solid wood material. The important thing to remember when considering this type of door is that wood moves and expands depending on moisture and heat. You may consider skipping solid wood doors for bathroom spaces.

  • MDF Doors –

    These doors were made to seem similar to solid wood—but don’t be fooled—these doors are made from recycled wood fibers and comes paint ready as they do not have a natural grain. These doors are a great alternative if you’re looking to save money and going for a budget friendly alternative to solid wood.

  • Metal Doors –

    This may seem like a taboo type of material to some people when considered for an interior door—but these types of doors are gaining popularity in current designing trends. Not only are they extremely durable and sturdy, but they are typically filled with high density foam insulation.

    These doors are usually more energy efficient—but they are also extremely heavy. They are suitable for security purposes, sound, and overall look.

  • Glass Doors –

    Glass interior doors are great for attracting and reflecting light. Glass material doors allow light to come through and provide an airy and eye-catching ambience. These doors are perfect for your shower door as they handle the humidity and heat nicely.

    Glass shower doors will instantly convey a custom and modern look to your bathroom and space and are easy to match the look of your bathroom. You may consider adding a custom, frameless glass door for your shower—though they tend to be a bit pricey, they are great for that clean, modern and high-end look.

What Will Your Layout Allow?

One very important aspect of choosing interior doors for your home is your layout and design of your house. Consider your framing—the last thing you want is for your door framing to be installed incorrectly. Remember that some doors can be bought pre-hung or with the hardware and pre-hinged. You may also purchase just the door itself—which then can be framed and hinged to your desired choice.

other valuable tips:

You will need to consider if certain styles of doors will fit correctly to your frame—for example if you are wanting pocket doors, you will have to prepare the construction planning they will entail. You will need to measure and make sure certain styles of doors will work out for your space.

Though choosing the perfect interior doors for your home seems like a time-consuming chore—just remember that it seems harder than it actually is. Once you get started, it will be a fun and creative process you will enjoy. Get with a specialist to assist you in some of the harder tasks like installation and possible construction planning and the rest will be a breeze.

Picking interior doors that suit your personality and your interior designing is just another step in making your perfect house a home. Good luck!

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