How To Figure Out That Your Commercial Door Needs Repairing

How To Figure Out That Your Commercial Door Needs Repairing
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Doors of a commercial business or establishment are one of the most important components and it is essential that you make sure they remain in good working order and work seamlessly every time for the convenience of people. Be it wooden doors or automatic ones in glass or other material, you should ensure that they are stable and sturdy and do not show any signs of malfunction.

Since commercial doors are used more frequently by people passing by than residential doors, they are prone to more wear and tear with time. There are some signs that can help you track a problem in such a door that needs replacement in time.

Signs that point towards replacement of door

If you are not sure whether a door needs replacement before it completely breaks down or stops working, here are some factors which can help you diagnose a probable problem:

  • Cracks

    If you notice any cracks or chips in your door, it is time to get it replaced as such cracks damage the structural integrity of a door. Moreover, since it is a commercial door, it also leaves a very bad impression to clients or customers passing through it and is thus not a very pleasing and useful asset. Replace it with a fresh and sturdy door instead.

  • Loose Hinges

    Loose hinges are another sign of a malfunctioning door as worn out hinges lead to wobbly doors which open easily. Although you can fix squeaky hinges by lubricating them with oil, it is difficult to fix hinges which have become very loose due to corrosion and cannot be tightened up any further and thus need replacement. You should also check for rust in the hinges. 

  • Difficult to Close

    Change in weather such as extreme heat or cold can leave gaps in doors due to contraction or expansion. This causes the doors to not close properly. A shaky or dragging experience means outdated door and high time to buy new one.   The gaps allow for thieves to break in easily, a jammed door can damage the floor due to dragging.

  • Damaged Glass

    If your door is made of glass, make sure that there are no broken or cracked pieces. Even small chips or cracks can lead to bigger damage in the future, thus get the glass panel or the entire door replaced as required as soon as you spot a damaged piece of glass.

  • Malfunctioning Lock

    If the lock of your door doesn’t work properly, you should get the door repaired immediately as a malfunctioning of lock can be a cause of major trouble for your commercial property. If the lock is overly compromised and cannot be repaired, it is wise to get the door replaced to avoid any trouble.

These are some of the signs that point towards a potential problem in your door that is asking for a replacement. It is advised to keep checking the door regularly for these faults to avoid any major damage to the property. A door for a commercial business is even more vital to be maintained not only for the safety and privacy of the business but also to maintain a good impression on the clients and customers passing by.

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Since a commercial door is a big investment which one does not make frequently, you should make sure you purchase quality commercial door that is optimal for the type of business you have and keep it maintained regularly.



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