A Step-by-Step Guide to Add a Sunroom Onto Your Home

A Step-by-Step Guide to Add a Sunroom Onto Your Home
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    Light-filled spaces provide an excellent mood boost. Add a sunroom to your house and claim that joy for yourself. It could even add value to your property.


Decide Where You Want It

Sunrooms stand out wherever you put them. You want to make sure it looks like a natural extension of your home. Measure the potential location first. It could serve as a breakfast nook or part of your living room. Sunrooms can a great addition to any home, but choosing the right spot for it is of supreme importance.

You need to pick a spot that has plenty of light for the sunroom to work well. You want to make sure your plants will have enough light all day to grow correctly. Take a light reading throughout the day and see where the best spot would be for your sunroom.

Figure out What Kind of Sunroom You’d Like

There are actually different types of sunrooms. A three-season sunroom is exactly what it sounds like. You can enjoy them in the spring, summer, and fall. Four-season sunrooms are sturdy enough to hold up in all kinds of weather. They are typically equipped with an HVAC system so you don’t overheat in the summer or freeze in the winter.

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A solarium is typically made entirely of glass. You’ll get the most light and outdoor views with this type of sunroom. The type of sunroom you want will probably be determined by your individual situation and what your needs are. It may also depend on what type of plants you are wanting to grow within it.

Determine the Building Material

Sunroom support material come in 3 common components. Vinyl is the cheapest option. It is appealing because vinyl does not require a lot of maintenance. Aluminum is a less effective insulator. Some homeowners use vinyl for support and use aluminum for the roof.

Wood is the most expensive option. It has an excellent aesthetic, especially when paired with screened-in windows, but also requires regular maintenance. You can add windows and a door with either insulated or non-insulated glass. Your choice of installation relies on how often you plan to use the sunroom.

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Start the Building Process

Contact your city’s zoning office. They will give you a building permit. Now you’re ready to start construction. You might need to excavate space before you get too far along. You can do this by soil removal. The process will vary depending on where you plan to build.

If you are extending your existing porch or patio the flooring is already done for you. Several companies offer sunroom building kits. Using a kit shrinks the process down to a few weeks. Hire a contractor if you’re less confident working on your own. Although that extends the timeline to several months you can rest easy knowing the work was done by a professional.

Sunrooms are incredibly cozy because of how much light they let in. They are a nice little escape within your own home.

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