Sun Rooms: a Feature for Every Season

Sun Rooms: a Feature for Every Season
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    A complete guide to sun rooms, including sun room design choices, who can benefit from a sun room, how to find a credible sun room contractor, and how to decorate your sun room.



Sun rooms are a wonderful way to increase your living space and bring the outdoors in without the annoyance of insects, inclement weather or full exposure to the sun. They are super-warm during winter and provide a lovely view of the garden in its full glory in summer. Sun rooms are a particular must have feature for homes with a lovely view over natural elements such as lakes, forests or mountain scenery.

Designs of Sun Rooms

One tends to think of a sun room as an old, “fuddy duddy” attachment to a home which costs a lot and has something of a Victorian feel about it. However, this is not the case at all. Modern designs of sun rooms have become so varied that they can add an additional contemporary edge to any home extension space.

You get room designs ranging from cathedral like slants in the glass which is an elegant and stately way to add different sun shimmer dimensions to your room, to a simple studio type sun room ceiling which is contemporary and simple, perfect for those looking for the modern edge. To get a feel as to what these sun room options look like, take a look at the website

Choice between Building a Sun Room and Sitting on the Porch

Now, cost of the building of a sun room is a highly important factor. Is it worth adding on when you can easily just sit on the porch? Well, that depends on where you live and what the weather is like. But, as already mentioned, even if you live in an area with warm weather all year round, you get to escape the rain, wind and annoying, pesky insects in the surroundings of a sun room. Imagine if you could drink that glass of orange juice without having to wave away the flies or bees it may attract?

On this note, lets look at some of the costs associated with adding this feature to your house.

Cost of Building a Sun Room in America

Don’t fool yourself. Adding on a sun room is not cheap. But is is worth it? According to, the average price for a 14×14′ sun room in America is $72000. Bit of an expensive investment for most people you could say. But what kind of value does it add to your home in terms of resale value?

According to the above mentioned price, the building of this kind of addition would result in a 72% resale value on your property. That is an incredible increase in value! (However, there are companies that can build these rooms at a far lower price, so choose carefully). So which companies out there do you choose to build your sun room who have a credible name?

Credible Contractors for Building Sun Rooms

According to, Four Seasons is not the company of choice for building your sun room. Consumers complain about all sorts of issues from the warmth and coolness of the room to the constant glass breakage which the company does not pay to fix. mentions three different companies to go for when building a sun room. These rooms range in prices and can actually be installed at significantly lower prices than the estimate of $72000. Take a look at these companies and see which one has the best value for money in terms of your needs and budget.

Decorating Sun Rooms

There are multiple ways in which to make your sun room a highly attractive living area. First of all, remember that this is an extension to your house. It needs to carry on the general decor that you have in the rest of your living areas. The kind of furniture you include in this area will depend on budget and style.

If you have a very contemporary home, you may want to stick to natural furnishings such as wood and white cotton cushions. If your home is a bit more bohemian, you can go a bit mad with wicker, throws and scatter cushions. Remember to include plants accordingly.

If your sun rooms has an average temperature of about 20 degrees, certain orchids are a good choice. But you may want to include larger plants such as bamboo ferns and hanging fuschias. Either way, the decor is really a personal decision that depends on the use and meaning of the room for you. Take a look at for some clever ideas.


If you are looking for a convenient and practical way to bring the outdoors in, like a mini indoor garden, then a sun room is the most useful feature to add to your house. Not only does it add resale value, but it also creates a great, comfortable living area for you and your family. It can also be used for entertaining or curling up with a book on sunny days. Either way, you will know what you want to do with the room and how important the design and cost is for you. Ultimately, create a space that you and your family will enjoy to the fullest.

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