4 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Seaside Property

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Seaside Property
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    Buying a home can be a big-time decision, but buying a location property, especially a one near the seaside, can prove exciting as well as hassle-some.


Keeping in mind the pros and cons of being the ocean’s neighbor, a whole lot of base-work needs to be done before taking the plunge.

1. Convenience and Purpose of the Home:

This comes first. Some may want to reside permanently and may be looking for that kind of property, while for some it can be a holiday home which they plan to visit a few times a month or maybe in a year. Whatever the purpose, one will have to look at the challenges that way.

Also, one cannot buy a home that is too far away from basic amenities like the local grocery store or the petrol pump because then everyday living would prove as a hassle.

Another thing is that seaside properties come with a high maintenance tag. So, if you own a holiday home, would you be able to keep it neat, tidy and in check at all times?

The best advice would be to keep in touch with good neighbors and the need for a well-informed broker is important who can be your go-to guide every time you face a problem regarding your seaside property.

2. Safety and Precaution:

As lucrative as it would be to get up in the morning to a live sunrise from your  verandah, buying a seaside home also entails a lot of careful surveillance in regards to safety measures like its elevation to sea level in case of flooding, tsunamis, storms or changing weather patterns according to the geographical area that you choose to buy your property. It would be best to hire a geological inspector who could verify these safety precautions, as safety comes first!

3. Land Surveying:

Staying near the seaside could mean a lot of danger to your home interiors too. One needs to be very careful of metal corrosion. Windows need to be made of impact-rated glass or panels, in case of heavy rains and strong winds.

The woodwork in the house, expensive furniture, and tap fittings, as well as other precious belongings, could be affected by salt in the air, rust or erosion. It also means testing the water quality of the house, checking on the plumbing and electrical systems, the structural and mechanical integrity of the house; and especially, if the property is older than five years, one needs to run many checks regarding the interior works, resale value, and safety of the house.

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It can be an option to hire a property manager who could maintain your landscaping, garage repairs, outdoor hanging lights, and overall maintenance. So be sure to keep in mind these expenses too before eyeing for that posh property.

4. The Neighbors and Community:

An integral part of buying any home would be to first survey the surrounding neighbors and community. Especially, when you decide to buy a seaside property, it is always popular with tourists. Sometimes, tourists and hot-spots are great for the resale value of the place, but if they are constantly making a ruckus, and you may see too many couples cuddling around your place, it could be an intrusion to your privacy.

Apart from tourists, also cold or over friendly neighbors could pose a problem. If you are staying with kids, you need to make sure that they have good company around.

Also, seaside areas are prone to burglary quite often, especially when you own a vacation home and there is no one to take care of your property.

other valuable tips:

It is wise to stick to a budget and plan in advance keeping in mind all the current and future expenses as well as risks associated with buying a seaside property. Of course, one cannot be in line with all the knowledge required, so consulting experts would be the best thing here, though it may prove expensive, it could save you a lot more in the future. Your expenses may even get covered if you plan to give it out on rent later.

When it comes to property buying, the risk is always a factor, so be well informed and take the plunge wisely!

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