Maintaining Your Outdoor Space: Roof and Gutter Repairing & Cleaning

Maintaining Your Outdoor Space: Roof and Gutter Repairing & Cleaning
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    Roof and gutters are often neglected and taken for granted so when there is a problem with them, it often requires some serious intervention.


However, this is all preventable with an organized schedule to repair and clean these parts of your house so leaks and other environmental residues don’t enter your home. But sometimes this is not as easy as it seems, so here are roof and gutter repairing and cleaning advice which will help you in maintaining your outdoor space.

Check Roof and Gutters for Possible Damage

The first step in roof and gutter maintenance is determining whether they need only cleaning or you will have to repair them as well. Look for signs of leaks on your walls starting from the top floor and check your attic for cracks that allow the sunlight in. However, not noticing any of these signs of damage doesn’t mean there isn’t one and you will have to check the exterior as well.

roof ladderextension ladder

Use a ladder and carefully climb on the edge of the roof and observe whether there is any physical damage. Look for broken shingles, piled up debris, crooked gutters and moss growing on the roof, as well as if animals made nests there and the branches are tall enough to hang over your house. All this will determine what kind of maintenance you will have to perform and if you can do it alone.

Clear the Blockage in Your Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is the first step in determining if there are any cracks or loose screws in their structure and pay attention not to damage the gutters while you work. You will need a ladder, gloves, garbage bags, hand trowel, hose spray, and plumber snake, as well as a small rake if the debris is persistent. First, start clearing the blockage with your gloved hands by collecting the debris and placing it in the bags.

Once you finish, use a trowel to dislodge debris which is stuck in a seam or joint but do it carefully so you don’t cause any damage. For the finish, use a garden hose to clear leftover small pieces and also determine whether there are any leaks in your gutters. If your downspouts are clogged, use the plumber’s snake to clear the way for unobstructed drainage.

gutter cleaning wandgutter guards

Clean and Repair Your Roof Gently

Cleaning the roof gently is of utmost importance since you can easily cause damage to the tiles and underlying structure. Use a spatula to remove the moss since it retains water and can cause leaks and even cracks in the shingles. If you plan to hose down the debris, do it gently without too much pressure or you can easily move the tiles from their place and create a hole in your roof.

If it’s time for repairs, you can leave this job to professionals especially if you don’t have any knowledge about the roof systems, roofing or are scared of heights. Otherwise, do a thorough inspection of your roof in and out and make a list of necessary materials.

Entrust the Work to Professionals

If you are afraid of heights or unsure you can do the job efficiently, then leave roof and gutter repairs to professionals. Sometimes you can cause more damage which will lead to some serious problems to the structure and foundation of your house. If you don’t know what you are doing or have proper tools for it you can cause the roof to collapse, destroy seams in your gutters and even injure yourself.

Also, consider hiring professionals to perform regular maintenance on your roof systems, gutters, and downspouts as a precaution. This should be done at least once a year after the winter, but it all depends on the climate, winds, and landscapes of your region.

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Pay Attention to Weather Conditions

Weather plays an important role in the maintenance of your outdoor space like garden and backyard, and so it does on repair and cleaning of your roof and gutters. Namely, if you live in a windy area, you need to check your gutters and roof for debris more regularly and trip the trees surrounding your house. Even sun can be a damaging factor since certain shingles could crack under extreme heat so you may have to cool the roof with the hose spray.

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There is a lot of work around the house and roof and gutter repairing and cleaning are easy to exclude from the list of chores. This can have serious consequences to the integrity of your home, the health of its inhabitants and also your pocket. So, hire professionals to perform regular maintenance or do it yourself if you know how, and your house will be in tip-top shape always.

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