Are Log Homes Difficult to Maintain?

Are Log Homes Difficult to Maintain?
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    Log homes have a unique history.

    It's believed they were first built in northern Europe around 3,500 BC.

    But for some reason, they have never lost their appeal.


So many people dream of owning log homes, but never actually take the plunge. If you ask most of them why, they’ll say it’s because they don’t know how to maintain them. They may have even heard from other people that they’re difficult to take care of and can cause a lot of problems for the owners. But the truth is, if you do things correctly in the beginning, they’re not much harder to maintain than any other building.

Pay Attention to Drainage

One of the biggest issues some people have with their log homes is water damage. Log homes do need to stay somewhat dry most of the time in order to avoid warping and splitting. One of the best ways to keep them dry is by ensuring it has proper drainage.

First, check the ground around the foundation. The ground should slope down from the house in order to keep water running away from it. If it doesn’t, you can correct this yourself by adding soil to your yard around the foundation. Or you can hire a landscaper to do it for you.


Next, inspect your gutters. Clean out any debris and use a garden hose to run water into them. Pay attention to how they drain and check for any damage or clogs. If there are any cracks or sagging areas in them, patch them immediately. Also, add mesh covers to the tops of them to prevent leaves and other debris from building up inside them.

Cover the Logs

Staining your log home isn’t just something you do to make it look better. It is also a way to protect your logs from sun and water damage. A good stain will help to seal the wood so as not to let moisture or UV rays in. And this is true no matter where you live, but experts in your area may recommend particular types of stain.

The other way to protect your log home is by building it with large overhangs and porches. This shades the logs from the harmful effects of the sun and does double duty by keeping the water far away from them.


Prevent Pests

There are several types of insects that can make their homes in your logs and cause lots of damage. But it’s not as difficult as you might think to keep them away. If you’re building your home from scratch, start out with insect-resistant logs. Cypress and cedar are the most popular choices, and they’ll repel most types of bugs.

You can also buy treated logs that have been dipped in borate or pressure treated to infiltrate the wood. And even though wood may have been treated with toxic chemicals in the past, borate is very low-toxicity. It’s considered safe for humans and pets.

other valuable tips:

Watch for Cracks

Small cracks and holes are easy to fix if you catch them early. Some cracking is to be expected, but if you notice them along the top of the logs, they need to be addressed immediately. These cracks can start to hold moisture and debris, and cause further damage.

You also need to watch for gaps around your doors and windows where they might cause leaks. Usually, all you need to do to repair them is fill them with caulk. But if you notice your chinking is becoming loose in many places, it’s a good idea to call a professional to repair it.

If you live in the sunshine state, it’s best to ask about log home staining Florida to make sure you’re using the best product for your home.

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