Cabin Keepers: Ideas to Protect a Second Property

Cabin Keepers: Ideas to Protect a Second Property
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    Having a second home, especially if it's somewhere you love to get away from everyday life, like the mountains or the beach, is a great milestone that many people would like to achieve.


Being able to jump in the car and drive an hour or two and be away from all your normal household responsibilities without worrying about booking a hotel or any other accommodations can be a little slice of heaven. Knowing that your second home or weekend property is safe and secure is a big part of being able to fully enjoy the experience.

Here are some ideas to keep your new place completely secure.

Let Technology Work for You

Just like in your primary residence, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different security system configurations you can install in your second property. Do some research and decide how much you want to invest in order for you and a monitoring company to keep an eye on your place when you’re not there.

If your place is in the country, indoor and outdoor cameras may be a good idea. Not only will your security system help keep burglars out, if you choose one that has internet or mobile app connectivity you’ll be able to keep an eye on what goes on around your property too. Was it John next door who borrowed your garden hose? A well-designed system will let you sleep easy at night.

You can even get an ADT alarm system for less than $7 a week if you know how to compare your prices. You can install the system yourself and still sign up for monitoring or have the pros do it from soup to nuts, whatever works for you.

How to Setup an IP Security Camera System – youtube

Button Up When You Leave

When your weekend is over, be sure to secure all windows and doors. If you have more than one entry, consider adding an additional lock or foot jam to the one that’s not so visible from the street. Most people robbing your house don’t want to go in the front door, so if the back one is removed as an option, maybe they’ll think twice and move on.

Lights on timers are an old-school, but a tried and true way of making sure your second property looks inhabited. Having a nearby friend keep flyers, phonebooks, and such off your front porch is a good idea too.

Control Your Lights with WiFi – youtube

Pick an overall security plan that works for you and make sure anyone using the house sticks to it when they come and go. Having a second property is great but not if you spend half your time when you’re not there worrying about it.

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