Call The Experts: Home Projects You Should Not Attempt To Do Yourself

Call The Experts: Home Projects You Should Not Attempt To Do Yourself
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    With massive amounts of information available at their fingertips, homeowners everywhere are rolling up their sleeves and bravely taking on their own major home renovations.

    However, there are some projects that truly require the skill and vast knowledge of a pro.


Below are six of the most common home repairs you should never try to tackle on your own.

Plumbing repairs

Minor projects such as replacing a shower head, connecting a washing machine and even installing a toilet are generally safe for most semi-skilled homeowners. But when you wish to make major modifications to such things as sewer pipes or hot water lines, it’s time to call in a professional. The smallest of leaks hidden behind walls or underneath flooring can cause major damage if left unnoticed.

Electrical repairs

Working with electricity can be dangerous business for unskilled homeowners. Perhaps replacing an outlet or ceiling fan are projects that you can accomplish with a little know-how and a good volt meter. But fires and serious injury await the foolish amateur. Therefore it’s always best to hire an expert for extensive electrical work. Not only will they know how to obtain proper permits and ensure a safe repair, but they will also keep your home up to code in case you ever need to sell.

Roofing repairs

The number one danger of DIY roofing repairs is the possibility of falling. Perhaps you live in a one-story house with a fairly flat roof, and you noticed one or two loose shingles that need fixing. It’s still dangerous to haul an armful of tools up and down a ladder. In addition, any repairs with a hammer and nails can result in a leaky roof if you don’t know what you’re doing. A professional roofing team will have all the necessary skills, tools, and safety equipment to get the job done right.

Tree removal

Seasonal pruning of trees around your property is a perfectly safe and acceptable DIY project. However, larger limbs and stump removal require heavy machinery and dangerous power saws. There’s always a possibility of heavy branches crashing down on your house and causing structural damage. A professional tree-removal team can help avoid potential damage to surrounding buildings, power lines, and innocent bystanders.

Gas appliance repairs

Much like water, gas can find the smallest of leaks. Many times something as innocent as disconnecting a gas stove to access the space behind it can be a fatal mistake that leads to carbon monoxide poisoning. The slightest error while either disconnecting or reinstalling the gas line can result in severe sickness and possibly death. It’s always best to call a professional during these types of projects to avoid accidents and to ensure a safe and proper repair.

Removing walls

Let’s face it, we watch countless hours, either by choice or via spouse, of home improvement and house flipping shows where the main character screams: “We’ve got to open this place up!” Unfortunately, amateurs with more zeal than knowledge often end up banging out a load-bearing wall which threatens not only their personal safety but the building’s structural integrity as well. Hiring a building engineer is always a good idea anytime the framing of a house is being altered. Not only can a professional obtain necessary permits, but they’ll also ensure that your floors and ceilings have appropriate support.

Oftentimes, homeowners bite off more than they can chew in the quest to save money, and are burned by costly mistakes. Always proceed with caution. There’s nothing wrong with being your own handyman. It feels good to solve problems around the house, but knowing when to call a professional can often save more time and money than you think.

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