Renovating Your Home: How to Pick a Starting Project

Renovating Your Home: How to Pick a Starting Project
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    While renovating your home may seem like a great idea, you may not always know which parts to work on.

    You may not even be sure exactly what you should renovate in the first place.


There are a lot of factors that go into deciding what parts of the home to renovate and when. Before you even begin busting down walls or tearing up old flooring, you should first pick a project. These tips will help you carefully choose which renovation project you start with to kick off your home transformation process.


Perhaps the biggest factor that can help you determine what project to choose and start with is your budget. Obviously, if you have a smaller budget, then a whole-house renovation is out of the picture. You may only have enough to do a room or two.

Take the time to crunch the numbers for each project and decide which project or projects your budget can support. You might decide that you want to touch on a few things in each room.

You can always do other projects later when you have the budget for them. Your numbers might give you the freedom to tackle entire rooms at once. However, you won’t know until you put in the time to figure it out.

Return on Investment

Another factor that you should consider is your return on investment. If you want to eventually sell your home and get back the money that you put into it, then you need to choose projects that will offer you the highest rate of ROI. This doesn’t always mean a new bathroom or kitchen. Sometimes it’s just an air conditioning installation. If future sale is a concern for you, ROI is something to take into account.

Understanding Your Strengths

From the start, you should assess your own skills. If you plan on doing the majority of the renovation yourself, then you need to take a serious look at yourself and determine the state of your experience and your know-how. After all, the last thing that you want is to make a mistake in your home and require costly repairs and corrections. You’ll have to tear it all up again and do it over. This can waste a lot of resources.


So, initially, figure out what you can and can’t do. For a renovation that is strictly DIY, stick with the projects that you know you can do yourself. For those projects that require skills and knowledge beyond yourself, then you should leave that to the professionals. Depending on your budget, time, and your desired outcome for the renovation, knowing whether you can do it yourself or have a professional do it can determine what renovation project you should choose.

If you choose to hire professionals for your project, be sure to check out your options before making your decision. From road brooms to nail guns, do they use the appropriate equipment? Do they have a good reputation? How did prior projects turn out? If you do your homework, you’ll know what you’re getting into.

To make sure you renovate effectively, you should consider these three factors. They can help determine which projects you should choose so you can truly enjoy your home renovation results.

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