Safety Essentials When Renovating Your Home

Safety Essentials When Renovating Your Home
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    When planning to renovate your home it can be all too easy to get carried away and not consider some of the more practical aspects, such as contingency plans and safety elements.


However a sure-fire way to put pay to renovation works that are costing a significant amount is to get injured, and whilst health and safety is a much bandied around term, it must be considered if you’re to complete your project free from injury. In this guide we look at the essentials you’ll be needing if you want to do just that.

Protecting yourself from dust

Dust may seem like a pretty innocuous substance, but inhaling large quantities of it can seriously damage your lungs, and having a blast of dust onto your face will see you sat at home with cucumbers over your eyes. To protect against dust you should wear both a face mask for your breathing and industrial goggles to protect your eyes.

Keeping your feet free injury

Renovation projects of any size invariably see a number of objects left on the floor, whilst this is certainly far from ideal from a slip and trip point of view, it also runs the risk of you injuring your feet on sharp objects: nails, spikes and an innumerable amount of tools all make the floor a hazard, so purchase high quality work boots to ensure that you’re feet stay free from injury.

Ensuring that you take precautions against falling objects

Renovating any home can mean that the building acts unpredictably; falling objects are both a common and serous cause of injury to those working on renovation projects and taking appropriate precautions shouldn’t be thought of as being overzealous. A hard hat can provide a vital barrier of protection between a falling item and you, and can be the difference between being knocked over or being knocked unconscious.

Protecting your hearing

Hearing protection is a vital yet often overlooked part of safety when renovating a home; many people presume that because an ear injury isn’t immediately apparent that there has been no damage done. However, as any old school road maintenance worker will tell you, hearing problems such as tinnitus can arrive a significant number of years down the road. In order to avoid any damage to your hearing you should use ear protectors whilst loud, automated tools are being using, particularly if you’re the person using them.

Staying warm

If you have a major renovation project on your hands that involves a property with heating yet to be installed (amongst the many other things on your to do list) then you’ll need to keep warm to stay healthy. Not only that but being cold on a day to day basis will also slow down your work activities, so do both yourself and your project a favour and invest in some warm clothing that are suitable for working in.

Falcon Industrial specialise in one of the largest ranges of PPE and safety equipment in the UK. If you’re renovating your home then you can find what you need in their online store.
Stay safe whilst renovating your home and ensure that your project gives the beautiful home you deserve, rather than a serious injury you don’t.



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