Sunday Morning Tip for March 17: Kitchen Caution: What to Avoid When Overhauling Cooking Space

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for March 17:</span> Kitchen Caution: What to Avoid When Overhauling Cooking Space
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    Do-it-yourself home improvement projects are common, but not all projects should be entirely completed on your own.


When you complete improvements around the house, you may improve property value with sweat equity and make the space your own. Saving money by eliminating labor fees may make home improvement projects more affordable, but a do-it-yourself approach isn’t ideal for all types of projects.

After completing several minor projects, you may be inspired to tackle a major project like a kitchen renovation. Even a small-scale kitchen renovation should be handled with care. These are some of the common mistakes that homeowners make when they attempt a kitchen renovation on their own.

Doing Gas and Electrical Work on Your Own

Gas and electrical work are required if you plan to relocate light fixtures, appliances, power outlets or other features. Moving these features to different areas of the space may be essential for improving flow, function and design, but these are not features that you should work with on your own.

Consider outsourcing these aspects of your project to licensed professionals, or use a kitchen remodeling service for assistance with the project.


Complying with Building Codes

Building codes are designed to keep you and other occupants in the home safe. Because of the features in a kitchen and the functional use of this space, numerous codes are in place for the kitchen. Codes vary based on location, so you should carefully review the building codes in your area before making any changes to your home.

Remember that codes may be updated over time, so do not rely on previous knowledge of codes to guide your actions now. Even if you have the ability to do all of the work yourself, it may be beneficial to at least consult a construction or renovation service if you have questions.

Overlooking Ventilation

Cooking activities may create pleasurable odors that permeate throughout the home, but these activities may also create unpleasant odors. These include burning or greasy smells. More than that, cooking produces carbon monoxide and smoke. Because of this proper ventilation is essential in a kitchen.

Many locations have codes related to ventilation, but you should remember the importance of ventilation in the kitchen even if a building code in your area does not pertain to this.


While you may initially view a kitchen renovation as a cosmetic project, you can see that this is actually a major project that touches on many important factors that you may have not yet considered. If you’re careful, you can definitely get it done right on your own. However, if you have questions, getting help is cheaper than doing the work twice.

You can find professional services by simply searching online with terms like “kitchen remodeling in NJ” for your area.

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